FS2U2 Unit Links Conceptual Lens:

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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FS2U2 Unit Links Conceptual Lens: par Mind Map: FS2U2 Unit Links Conceptual Lens:

1. Mathematics

1.1. Number - counting, recognition (1-10)

1.2. Extending 2D shapes - discussing their properties.

1.3. using language to describe length and height of objects

2. Literacy

2.1. Introduction to letter sounds

2.2. Oral segmenting and blending of sounds

2.3. Write my name

2.4. Writing activities - about my friend/friendship/family

2.5. Talk about what we see in pictures in books - guided reading and home readers

2.6. Speech bubbles and captioning about friends

3. Personal and Social Development

3.1. Learning appropriate behaviour towards peers

3.2. How to solve conflict without causing harm

3.3. How to talk to our friends

3.4. How to make new friends - trip to RAK Academy

3.5. Sharing resources in and out of the classroom

3.6. Taking turns

3.7. How to include other children who are 'sad' or 'lonely'

3.8. Explore various areas and resources - not always do the same thing

4. Expressive Arts and Design

4.1. Draw yourself/family/friends

4.2. Making a family tree

4.3. Gift for RAK Academy

4.4. Rainbow Fish crafts

4.5. Art work WITH a friend

4.6. Pre-assessment & Summative assessment - Y chart

5. Understanding the world

5.1. Understanding who we are

5.2. How our body works

5.3. Who is our family

5.4. What is in the sky

5.5. Science Fair - making predictions and talking about the whole class experiment

6. Communication and language

6.1. Listening to stories about friendship

6.2. Role playing with friends

6.3. Making puppet shows with our friends

6.4. Speaking nicely to our friends - using kind words and manners

6.5. Communicate our feelings to our friends during play time - using prompts and words when resolving conflicts

6.6. Talking about what good friends do, what a friendship is and who our friends are.

6.7. Talking about ourselves - who we are with links to family, friends and school

7. physical development

7.1. Sharing resources in the gross motor area and playground

7.2. Playing games involving more than one person

8. Music

8.1. Singing songs about friendship and sharing

8.2. Dancing with our friends