Invention and Re-invention in the Mobile Economy John Collison (Stripe) Thorold Baker (Wall Stre...

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Invention and Re-invention in the Mobile Economy John Collison (Stripe) Thorold Baker (Wall Street Journal) par Mind Map: Invention and Re-invention in the Mobile Economy  John Collison (Stripe) Thorold Baker (Wall Street Journal)

1. Silicon Valley vs London?

1.1. Could Stripe have started in London?

1.1.1. Then Would have been challenging Startup ecosystems Overly focused on capital Fails to recognise

1.1.2. Now Would be more possible But still behind Silicon Valley

1.2. Brexit impacts

1.2.1. Short term Maybe some retrenchment Impact on immigrant talent

1.2.2. Long term Macro trends will continue

2. Areas for Stripe attention?

2.1. International coverage

2.1.1. 3/4 Billion users online

2.1.2. But economic grid way behind

2.1.3. Looking to address that Simplifation Global accessibility Enable companies Go global quicker

2.2. Platforms/marketplaces

2.2.1. Stripe marketplaces Trust Safety Liquidity Wide range Startup level Corporate level

2.2.2. Connecting supply/demand

3. How much simpler can it get?

3.1. Using smarter infrastructure

3.2. Automate/simplify back office

3.2.1. e.g. Tax

4. Where does blockchain/cryptocurrency fit?

4.1. Crazy price curve

4.2. Some principles will spread

4.2.1. e.g. Distributed ledgers

4.3. Will it be Bitcoin?

4.3.1. Not sure

4.3.2. Sceptical of the method

5. Issues of fraud?

5.1. Gradually getting better

5.2. Credit card use

5.2.1. Sharing key data on hundred of websites

5.2.2. These companies aren't secure (It's not their business)

5.2.3. Some big steps forward

6. Toughest moment on the journey?

6.1. Took a long time to work

6.2. Hard to wait for investments to pay off

6.3. People issues

6.3.1. Now 750 people

6.3.2. Finding talent

6.3.3. Staff turnover

7. Changes in culture with growth?

7.1. Fascination: Preservation of culture

7.1.1. Assumes it was great to start

7.1.2. Founder ego...?

7.1.3. Culture can improve

7.2. Current culture?

7.2.1. Hard-working people Care about their craft Rigorous in execution

7.2.2. Hybrid company Nobody to copy Creating our own interests

7.2.3. Energised people Like who they work with Like what they're doing

7.3. Always look to up-level culture

8. About this mind map

8.1. Created by Liam Hughes

8.1.1. Founder:

8.1.2. Conference attendee

8.1.3. @BiggerplateLiam

8.2. Shared on

8.2.1. Software neutral Don't make/sell software Impartial guidance/advice

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8.3.3. Vienna & San Francisco

8.3.4. Nice people!

9. What is Stripe?

9.1. Pre-Stripe solutions

9.1.1. Buying things can be archaic

9.1.2. Accepting global money is hard

9.1.3. Nobody seemed to be tackling it

9.2. Problem we solve

9.2.1. Accept money easily

9.2.2. Global customer handling

9.2.3. Data, compliance handling

9.2.4. Help increase GDP of the internet

9.3. Competitors vs Complimentary

9.3.1. Crowded industry Lots of players Lots of layers Lots of overlap

9.3.2. Complimentary services Google Pay Apple Pay

10. Journey

10.1. Finding something broken

10.1.1. Deal with it and move on

10.1.2. Or...ask question Is there a good reason

10.2. Very steady exponential growth

10.2.1. (Not the SXSM lift-off moment)

10.2.2. People stick with us Why? Product performs well Alternative?

10.3. Company with brother?

10.3.1. Startup life Highly demanding All consuming Learning as you go

10.3.2. Have someone you work well with!