Breaking Through Blocks in Innovation Lars Silberbauer (Lego) Reggie Bradford (Oracle)

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Breaking Through Blocks in Innovation Lars Silberbauer (Lego) Reggie Bradford (Oracle) par Mind Map: Breaking Through Blocks in Innovation  Lars Silberbauer (Lego) Reggie Bradford (Oracle)

1. Innovation at Lego

1.1. Same product for many decades

1.2. How to remain relevant?

1.2.1. Design for disruption

1.2.2. Change/disrupt yourself

1.3. Becoming a media company

1.3.1. Movies, TV content

1.3.2. Lots of digital content

1.3.3. Digital publishers

1.4. Looking to China

1.4.1. Sources of new innovation

1.4.2. Experimenting with new tech

1.4.3. East vs West Speed of development Parental dynamic Same overall

2. Startups & Corporates

2.1. Build relationships

2.1.1. Build your network

2.1.2. Utilise informal channels

2.1.3. Understand the corporations Context Priorities

2.2. Build credibility

2.2.1. Thought leadership

2.2.2. Show your expertise

3. Big company challenges?

3.1. Change processes

3.1.1. Oracle 140,000 employees How to think/work like a startup? Look to learn from Startups?

3.1.2. Find help Startups Mutual learning

3.2. Find what works

3.2.1. Communicate it constantly

3.2.2. Leverage company size/resources

3.3. Getting buy-in

3.3.1. Counter self-protection

3.3.2. Providing authenticity

4. Selling to enterprise?

4.1. Co-creation with customers

4.1.1. Here's our vision

4.1.2. How does it fit with yours?

4.2. Credibility

4.2.1. Thought Leadership

4.2.2. Reference customers

4.3. Personal approach

4.3.1. Personal commitment

4.3.2. Person to person Understand them Stay committed Role as sponsor

4.3.3. Understand both sides What a startup can't do What enterprise can't do

4.4. Do your research

4.4.1. Who are you reaching out to?

4.4.2. What do they do?

4.4.3. Can you add value?

4.4.4. Is this the right target? Right company? Right person?

5. About this mind map

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