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Role of an Educational Technologist by Mind Map: Role of an Educational
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Role of an Educational Technologist

Objective: To support and advise faculty in the development and delivery of quality instruction through effective and innovative use of a range of established and emerging educational technologies in face to face, blended and online courses.

Faculty Support

Learning Theory

How people learn. 2 main fields of learning theory: behaviorist and cognitivist  

Andragogy, Need to know, Relevance, Experience, Motivation, Just in time


Pedagogical Objectives/Goals

Teaching Style

Learning Style

Technology Proficiency and Confidence

Types of Support

1:1 Consultation, selection of appropriate technology tools, encourage self sufficiency and independence

Learning Communities/User's Groups, Highlight early adopters, Model effective and innovative uses of technology, Faculty network within and across disciplines

Workshops, online, synchronous, asynchronous, hands-on lab based, Brownbag luncheons

online resources, tutorials, print, screencasts, knowledge base, FAQ, documentation

Instructional Designer

Instructional Design Theories and Frameworks

How best to design instruction so that learning will take place. Draws from learning theory. 2 main fields: directed instruction (drawn from behaviorist learning theory) and constructivist (drawn from cognitivist learning theory).






course design, course design face to face workshops, asynchronous course on course design process, course design handbook, 1:1 consultation, online course quality standards

transition strategy, Policies, Online attendance/participation, Online assessment, Copyright, Processes, Course management, create/update/delete, Enrollment management, Course design, Resources, web based, LMS training schedule, Train the trainer program, Faculty Resource Center, Implemenation considerations, template design, User roles, Student support, Online Learning Readiness Survey

online faculty development, Online Teaching Readiness Survey, Peer mentorship, Course design support and resources

Research Emerging trends in educational uses of technology

Web 2.0 apps

Social media

mobile technologies

e-books and e-readers

Best practices in conducting webinars

Software skills

Establish collaborative working relationships at all levels of the College or University

Technology Committe

Writing Center

Student Activities

Library Services