Explorers and conquers

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Explorers and conquers par Mind Map: Explorers and conquers

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. Sailed to find spices in West Indies

1.2. found Caribbean islands

1.2.1. Claimed Bahamas for Spain

1.3. credited for finding America

1.4. Second voyage: forced natives to work

1.5. Third voyage: settlers mad at Comlumbus

1.5.1. felt Columbus lied Columbus was arrested by Spanish crown later forgiven

1.5.2. Reached Venezuela, possibly found it

2. Spice trade

2.1. Spices were valued

2.1.1. Spices kept food fresh

2.2. found in West Indies

3. Amerigo Vespucci.

3.1. Columbus inspired him to travel

3.2. 1507 America named after him

3.3. May 1497 went on first journey

3.4. Third voyage was most successful

3.4.1. Found Rio de la Planta Called South America the New World

3.5. Might have written letter about travels

3.5.1. Stated he sailed in Central America

3.5.2. If it's real he founded Venezuela Not Columbus

4. Ferdinand Magellan

4.1. 1519 voyaged for trade route

4.2. Born in Portugal

4.3. Fought at Battle of Diu

4.3.1. Portuguese destroyed Egyptian ships

4.4. Sailed to the Moluccas

4.4.1. home to many spices

5. Francis Drake

5.1. English

5.2. Given control of a ship in 1560s

5.2.1. Sailed to Africa

5.2.2. Was a slave trader

5.3. Ordered to raid parts of Spain

5.4. Knighted by Queen Elizabeth I

6. Henry Hudson

6.1. First voyage west from England

6.1.1. Tried finding quicker route to Asia

6.2. Went on four voyages

6.2.1. Worked for the Dutch in third voyage England was upset

6.2.2. Fourth voyage brought tension with crew

6.3. Hudson river's named after him

6.3.1. So is the Hudson bay

7. Hernán Cortés

7.1. Spanish conquistador

7.1.1. Claimed Mexico for Spain

7.1.2. Became governor of New Spain Defeated the Aztecs

7.1.3. Worked as a governor in Cuba 1511 went to Cuba