Explorers and Conquerers

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Explorers and Conquerers par Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerers

1. Columbus

1.1. Four trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain.

1.2. Journeys marked beginning of conquest and colonization.

1.3. Spain, was eager to share the riches of the “Far East.”

1.4. Sailed along the West Africa and the Cape of Good Hope.

1.5. Wanted fame and fortune and to spread Catholicism.

1.6. Set course to finding a western route to Asia.

2. John Cabot

2.1. Disappeared May 1498

2.2. Venetian explorer and navigator

2.3. Claimed land in Canada for England.

2.4. Known for is 1497 voyage to North America

2.5. Set the course for England's rise to power

2.6. On June 24, 1497, Cabot landed in North America.

3. Jacques Cartier

3.1. Sent by King Francis I to the New World

3.2. In search of riches and a new route to Asia

3.3. Exploration allowed France's claim of Canadian lands.

3.4. Sailed on April 20, 1534, and arrived 20 days later

3.5. Voyage included two ships and 61 men

3.6. King Francis sent him on another voyage a year after his first.

4. Sir Francis Drake

4.1. Was an English sea captain.

4.2. Known privateer of the Elizabethan era

4.3. Carried out the second circumnavigation.

4.4. Circumnavigated in a single expedition, from 1577 to 1580.

4.5. First to complete the circumnavigation as captain.

4.6. Claimed what is now California.

5. Vasco da Gama

5.1. Was a Portuguese explorer.

5.2. The first European to reach India by sea.

5.3. First voyage to India (1497–1499).

5.4. Connected the Atlantic and the Indian oceans.

5.5. Significant legacy that spread global imperialism.

5.6. Longest ocean voyage ever made.

6. James Cook

6.1. British explorer, navigator, cartographer.

6.2. Captain in the Royal Navy.

6.3. Made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to voyages.

6.4. First recorded European contact with Australia.

6.5. First recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand.

6.6. Mapped lands from New Zealand to Hawaii.