daMusic Alive

daMusic Alive is a work in progress. Talking about the relationship between "online" and music. Discussions on how to use this relationship in Belgium.

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daMusic Alive da Mind Map: daMusic Alive

1. Conference "Online vs Music"

1.1. Who?

1.1.1. Concerts / Festivals Promotors PR-ppl Associations Clubcircuit FMIV

1.1.2. Bands Themself Behind the band Managers Promotion Dpt Associations Booking Agent

1.1.3. Associations Muziekcentrum European Talent Exchange Program Cultuurnet Vlaanderen

1.2. What?

1.2.1. Speakers Keynote Introduction: Alex Stevens Strategies Videomontage van Ernst-Jan Pfauth en Tim Heinke Example Cases Jonas Woost (LastFM) Jorg Snoks Peter Deckers Herlinde Raeman Niels Aalberts Others? Startups Aristo Twones Sellaband Tagger.fm Radionomy

1.2.2. Workshops/Hints Howto use online to promote my band/gig/festival? Jonas Pottie Inventis? Netlash? Imke? Hannes Coudenys Tim Broddin? (Wannabes)

1.2.3. Discussions Subjects chosen by participants Jeroen Delodder? Hilke Ros David Zegers? Sebbe D'Hose? Sasha Vanderspeeten? Jorg Snoks

1.3. Partners?

1.3.1. De Nationale Loterij?

1.3.2. Associations REC Muziekcentrum

1.3.3. Broadcasting? VRT (Canvas+) Exqi

1.4. Where?

1.4.1. Minnemeers

1.4.2. Vooruit Kunstencentrum

1.5. Together with?

1.5.1. Sumo

1.5.2. Mmmotion

1.5.3. Tagger.fm

2. [email protected]

2.1. Gigs

2.2. Party