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Impermo da Mind Map: Impermo

1. ISA

1.1. functionalities

1.1.1. login agent account agent cashier location city warehouse ( cashier only) showroom map module

1.2. flow

1.2.1. convert guest to customer search with full name or email select correct guest

1.3. data

1.3.1. price list

2. Impermo B2C

2.1. Homepage

2.1.1. Functionality Header Logo Links ( Home, About us etc) Language selection Search field the 3 magic buttons Menu Body Search box banners showrooms room view sample box geolocation store Footer newsletter links agent chat

2.1.2. data header about us careers partner installers body promo products inspirations showroom addresses footer customer service info about us blog stores delivery FAQ vacancies catalog brands

2.1.3. flow

2.2. Product catalog

2.2.1. functionality searching sorting cathegorization filtering simple interval comparing room view surface calculator vouchers

2.2.2. data name price stock picture description specifications variations

2.2.3. Flow

2.3. Customer account

2.3.1. functionality Personal information Update name Update phone number Password change Addresses Wishlist Add to cart Delete Quotes Edit View Orders View Edit Invoices Returns Additional Orders Newsletter Cart

2.3.2. data

2.3.3. flow

2.4. Marketing

2.4.1. functionality product marketing compare product recommendations samples Inspiration room view catalog PDF blog price marketing discounts vouchers customer retention marketing abandoned cart notif newsletter customer support showroom (geolocation) chat with an agent ( support) Partner installers Form Subscribe to newsletter banners social media Facebook Pinterest Instagram Youtube LinkedIn SEO Google Analytics

2.4.2. data about us frequently asked questions store address delivery and transport

2.4.3. flow

2.5. Order process

2.5.1. Functionality Cart surface calculator voucher Payment webshop showroom Delivery pick-up in store tailgate crane forklift

2.5.2. Data cart products price stock order order no Date customer name address phone no

2.5.3. Order flow guest add to cart customer product sample

3. SAP

3.1. what data it contains

3.1.1. Products product info name description specifications ( thickness, L, l etc) photos price full price discount price stock

3.1.2. Customers name phone number email address address orders invoices returns quotes

3.1.3. Orders order no products price delivery method payment method

3.2. how often does it sync

3.2.1. products product info once per day, at night if updated in SAP, instant sync stock live price once per day, at night if updated in SAP, instant sync

3.2.2. customers every 5 min automatically synced when created

3.2.3. orders every 5 min automatically synced when created

3.3. sync direction

3.3.1. products product info SAP to shop price Sap to shop stock no sync, requested live

3.3.2. customers both directions

3.3.3. orders both directions