Creative Use of Tablets In My Classroom

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Creative Use of Tablets In My Classroom da Mind Map: Creative Use of Tablets In My Classroom

1. Digital Literacy Plan

1.1. Information Literacy

1.1.1. Research Studji Soċjali - Riċerka dwar personaġġ importanti Malti

1.1.2. Evaluation Religion Unit 23 - Revision of Topic Learning to search for reliable information online.

1.1.3. Ebooks Norton's ebook Creating ebooks Ylenia's ebook

1.1.4. Creation of websites, movies, presentations Maltese - Comparative / Superlative Literacy - Creating an advert Science - Change Creating a snapguide Website 1 Website 2 Website 3

1.1.5. Digital Magazines Literacy - Reading session

1.2. Digital Citizenship

1.2.1. Video Conferencing Skyping - Meeting our eTwinning partners

1.2.2. Taking Surveys Voting for our favourite coding app

1.2.3. e-safety

1.2.4. Accessing and making good use of several sites such as search sites, youtube, twinspace, Fronter room etc

1.2.5. Peer tutoring Kids Teaching Kids

1.2.6. Using apps to help us learn better Maths - Measuring using stopwatch app

1.3. Technology Literacy

1.3.1. Creation of Movies Show and Tell Social Studies - Logħob tal-Antik

1.3.2. Game-Based Learning Kahoot

1.3.3. Coding Lightbot Voting for our Favourite Coding app

1.3.4. Augmented Reality Literacy - Creating a Book Review Social Studies - People Who Help Us

1.3.5. QR coding Maths - Treasure Hunt - Multiplication / Division

1.3.6. Stopmotion for research and creation Science - Change Science - Change Creating Stop Motion for Fun

1.3.7. Research work Studji Soċjali - Riċerka dwar Personaġġi Maltin

2. Sharing of Good Practices + Collaboration with Other Partner Schools

2.1. Evaluating the use of tablets

3. L-esperjenza tagħna fil-proġett pilota