The Portrayal of Hopes and Dreams in Paradise of the Blind

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The Portrayal of Hopes and Dreams in Paradise of the Blind により Mind Map: The Portrayal of Hopes and Dreams in Paradise of the Blind

1. Symbols

1.1. Colour

1.1.1. Green "Behind these doors, a green space spread out" (Pg 55) Used to represent Hang's desire for freedom Connotations of something new and fresh. Symbolises Hang's fresh start towards her new life "I dreamed of these fields, of their greenness warming to gold at dusk" (Pg 256)

1.1.2. Silver "Heavy clouds streaked with silver barred my way" (Pg 55) Represents the constrained world. The colour symbolises the rigidities and strict rules of society

1.2. Imageries of the moon and the stars

1.2.1. "[these doors] masked thousands and thousands of stars" (Pg 55) The verb masked suggests that something is preventing her from entering the "green space".

1.2.2. They represent the promising opportunities for Hang in her new life

1.2.3. "The full moon slipped out" and "the stars quivered" (Pg 258) Shows that she is progressing towards independence and shows that she is one step closer to her desire for freedom.

1.3. Aunt Tam's house

1.4. Hang's earrings

2. Comparison to Purple Hibiscus

2.1. Both the protagonists seek freedom from the strict societal obligations and rules through the progression of each novel.

2.2. Both written from the point of view of the protagonists

3. Characters

3.1. Modern Generation

3.1.1. Hang Hang's life is predetermined and deeply affected by the past and hence Duong presents Hang's negative feeling towards this constrained lifestyle as she longs for freedom "I can't squander my life tending these faded flowers, these shadows, the legacy of the past crimes. Breaks the cycle of the previous generation as she observed the cruelty of the Vietnamese culture. "Dreamed of different worlds, of the cool shade of a university auditorium" (Pg 258) Seeking proper education to become independent

3.2. Previous Generation

3.2.1. Que Seeks acceptance from Chinh's family. Values family loyalty

3.2.2. Aunt Tam Wants Hang to live like her and inherit her beliefs and belongings "You're the last drop of blood in my family" (Pg 87)