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progeria により Mind Map: progeria

1. symptoms

1.1. they take the year 10 times faster than normal human.

1.1.1. bald head

1.1.2. the line on skin

1.1.3. be below average in height and weight

2. causes of disease

2.1. intermarrage

2.2. one of piece chromosome was not enough.

3. one of the specific disease

3.1. from 1/4million to 1/8million

3.2. in 1903, this disease is found at the first in Germany

4. Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Symdorpme

4.1. HSPG

5. live of average is 13 years old

5.1. They might be occurring complication

5.1.1. ateriosclerosis

5.1.2. osteoporosis

5.1.3. diabetes

5.2. most of death

5.2.1. myocardial

5.2.2. cerebral infarction

6. prevention

6.1. does not have prevntion

6.2. we should have only, no more does not increase

7. treatment

7.1. no care

7.1.1. until now, this disease of solution was not

7.1.2. Recently, the new treatment was found by doctor. coming sonn