Software Cost Saving

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Software Cost Saving により Mind Map: Software Cost Saving

1. Current Problems

1.1. Complexity of License Calculation

1.1.1. Physical or virtual environment. Virtual Operating System Environment (VOSE). Like VMWare

1.1.2. Client Access Liences CAL “User” = Named User CAL, (assign to user or Computer, so user can open any number of documents) “Session” = Session CAL (its session based, sharing session for some defined time) “User” = “Usage” = Usage CAL (calculated as use browse) “Document” = Document CAL ( assigned to document)

1.1.3. Different CPU Type Factor for AMD License Calulation Certain AMD processors need to have a multiplication factor of 0.75 applied to the core count.

1.1.4. CPU Type a dual-core, dual-processor machine you would need to count that server as a dual, four-core processor and purchase licences for eight cores, despite only having four cores in total

1.1.5. Partition partitioning doesn’t reduce the number of cores you need to licence

1.1.6. Selling Package  Serve core licences are sold in packs of two: So in our example above we would purchase four SQL Core licence SKUs to cover eight cores. Software Assurance a worst-case scenario can require three payments for the same Windows license -- once for a new machine, once in a volume licensing plan, and once again for Software Assurance.

1.1.7. Multiple Devices Access Printer Mobile

1.1.8. Mixed Model Virtual License + CAL

1.1.9. Affiliate Company You may use CALs purchased by your company to access your servers, or servers owned by your Affiliates*** only.

1.1.10. RD Client Remote Desktop Software, such as Citrix Aeon use Citrix, why have to pay for Windows license of desktop

1.1.11. Other - Do my servers need a CAL? For example, 100 users access to 1 server. And 1 server connect to 1 database. How many license needed for database?

1.2. Overpaid Commodity Software

1.2.1. Excel/Word for branch

1.2.2. OS

1.3. No Standard Price for Software

1.3.1. Mandays

1.3.2. Turnkey Project Especially Newly Development Project, not Package Implementation Project

1.4. Buy Software/Hardware to Support only Peak Hour

1.4.1. Peak Hours such as Month-end Calculation

1.5. Over-purchased more than Actual usage

2. Model

2.1. 50% Sharing as TEM?

3. Team

3.1. Tum

3.2. Outsource

3.2.1. Microsoft SE(Boy)

3.2.2. IBM Sales(Tum)

3.2.3. Microsoft Sale (Boy)

3.3. SE to understand Cloud Solution

3.3.1. Shin 60K

4. As-is Questionaires

4.1. Listed but need to add more

5. How we save money

5.1. Negotiation Tactics

5.1.1. Last day of Quarter-end can have very deep discount as Team need to book final revenue before Quarter close

5.1.2. Reduce Listed Price but still have to pay MA as a portion of Listed Price

5.2. Pricing Database/Benchmark

5.2.1. Java Developer Rates

5.3. Establish Software Sizing Medthedology

5.3.1. Very Importnant for Software Development from Scratch, not package customization

5.3.2. Something Like Function Point Sizing

5.4. License Calculation by Specialist

5.5. Wider range of vendors

5.5.1. Better Vendor Selection criterias

5.6. Measure Actual Usages and Spend only what we use

5.6.1. System Engineer to capture actual usage Microsoft IBM Other

5.6.2. JenniferSoft >> Korean Software to monitor actual usage Measure both .Net and Java

5.7. Replace Commodity Software with Open Source

5.7.1. Migration Path

5.7.2. Training

5.7.3. Skill preparation

5.7.4. Aeon use Citrix, why have to pay for Windows license of desktop

5.8. Use Cloud Based

5.8.1. Support Short Period of Peak hours

5.8.2. pay per use especially uncertain usage

5.8.3. Amazon

5.8.4. Azure

5.9. Virtualization

5.10. License Pool

5.11. Open Source License Advice

6. Investment