what i remember from biodiversity

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what i remember from biodiversity 저자: Mind Map: what i remember from biodiversity

1. over fishing: when people over fish ( fish too much)

2. abiotic and biotic. abiotic= not living. biotic= living. etc. box (abiotic) bird (biotic)

3. threats to biodiversity: pollution, climate change, over fishing, invasive exotic species, habitat loss, agricultural practices.

4. habitat loss: when animals lose their homes from trees getting cut down to homes being built.

5. predator: an animal that hunts and eats other animals. etc. lions, tigers.

6. there are different types of animals: amphibians, reptiles, mammals, nocturnal.

7. equilibrium: a stable situation

8. climate change: when the temperature changes consistently and is not suitable for the biodiversity in that area.

9. pollution: when gasses ( greenhouse gasses) get released in to the air and when sewage and industrial wastes get released into the environment.

10. invasive exotic species: when animals are living where they are not supposed to be. ( the temperature, they eat the other animals living in that area.

11. prey: an animal that gets hunted and eaten by other animals. etc. rabbit, mice.

12. consumer: something that eats another thing. etc. monkey, giraffe.

13. producer: something that make food/ produces food. etc. grass, trees.