Distance Education

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Distance Education 저자: Mind Map: Distance Education

1. DE is not Face-to-face

1.1. can be cross cultural

1.2. arose from a need to education a increasingly industrialized workforce (Peters)

1.3. strives to maintain intense connection between student and teacher when it will facilitate learning (Holmberg)

1.4. Allows the student to student at their own pace, based on their own needs (Moore)

2. DE uses technology for delivery

2.1. requires technology support for teachers and learners

2.2. administrators and instructors must keep apace of growth in tech industry

2.2.1. Administrators must assess effectives of best practices

2.3. requires that instructors adapt to a student learning curve as they acquire new technology skills. (digital neophyte v. digital native in the class room)

2.4. requires funding so that all learners and teachers can purchase hardware and software that is needed to access the distance education

3. DE is accessible to more students

3.1. because it utilizes so many forms of differentiated instruction and accessibility (flexible learning)

3.1.1. asynchronous multimedia email conference/chat rooms web blogs

3.1.2. synchronous text chat video conferencing