"PS 130 Curriculum" Folder in Google Drive

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"PS 130 Curriculum" Folder in Google Drive 저자: Mind Map: "PS 130 Curriculum" Folder in Google Drive

1. GrX (Example of 1 grade level)

1.1. GrX Math

1.1.1. GrX Math Planning Yearly Overview (Doc) Pacing Calendar (Doc) Unit X (Folder) Unit X Tiered Lesson Plans/Resources Unit X Culminating Task Unit X Student Work Samples GrX Math Assessments (Folder) Unit X "I can" statements GrX Math Exemplars ECAM K Number Talks (Folder)

1.1.2. GrX Guided Math

1.1.3. GrX CGI

1.1.4. GrX Number Talks

1.1.5. GrX Math Assessments GrX Math Assessments-ECAM GrX ECAM Manual GrX ECAM Student Booklet GrX ECAM Resources

1.2. GrX Literacy

1.2.1. GrX Reading Units GrX Unit Title GrX Unit Title-Title of Document

1.2.2. GrX Writing Units

1.3. GrX Studies

1.3.1. GrX Units of Study Folders GrX Unit-Projects GrX Unit-Charts GrX Unit-Shared Readings GrX Unit-Homework GrX Unit-Parent Communication

1.4. GrX Literacy or Studies Yearly Overview OR Pacing Calendar (Document)

1.4.1. Linked Unit Plans (18 to 20 per grade) Unit plans will linked to Scanned Images, Photos, Websites

1.4.2. Todo Lists and Notes

2. PD Resources

2.1. Math PD resources from Liz Irwin

2.2. Literacy & Studies resources from Dana & Anna