Problem Opportunities

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Problem Opportunities 저자: Mind Map: Problem Opportunities

1. Sports jacket for all round athletes in school

1.1. All round athletes play a variety of sports and for each sport they have a separate kit. This increases their wardrobe space, money spent on sports equipment and carrying capacity. Creating a jacket which can be warn at multiple occasions, sports and climates would reduce the amount of sports outfits that these all round athletes have.

2. Multi length sports trousers

2.1. A pair of trousers which can be temporarily altered/converted into different lengths. This enables athletes to wear one pair of pants to different occasions, sports and climates.

3. Sports jacket created from reused materials and fabrics

3.1. A sports jacket which is created from a variety of different sports waste materials. This would reduce the waste in the landfills and decrease the sports industry’s carbon footprint. I would use scraps of materials and create an abstract design out of them. It will be very unique and stand out among various sports jacket designs

4. Hoodie and bag in one

4.1. A multifunctional product such as a hoodie which is a duffle bag at the same time. Not only will this reduce space (2 in 1), but also waste. The drawstrings of the hoodie would act as the straps for the bag and the whole jacket would act as the body of the bag. There would be a zip along the rim of the jacket and when zipped it will create the bottom of the bag. The hoodie and bag in one enables athletes to turn the bag into the hoodie and vice versa. The overall concept of 2-in-1 is to have a multippurpose product ...