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J6 by Mind Map: J6

1. Prosecutions

1.1. Indictments

1.1.1. J6 Crimes Ryan Kelley GOP Candidate Complaint Docket Photos Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes "Seditious Conspiracy" Thomas Caldwell Money Inquiry Proud Boys Tarrio, Nordean, Et. Al. Enrique Tarrio "Seditious Conspiracy" Arraignment Status Conference 06-22-22 Motion to Identify Brady Material DENIED 06-29-22 Scheduling Order 07-07-2022

1.1.2. Process Crimes Peter Navarro Trump Economic Adviser Timeline Parties Stephen Bannon "Contempt of Congress" Timeline Law Defense

1.2. "Co-Conspirators"

1.2.1. Ali Alexander

1.2.2. Kashyap Patel

1.3. No Charges

1.3.1. Mark Meadows Trump Chief-of-Staff Committee Statement

1.3.2. Dan Scavino Trump Comms

2. More

2.1. Tools

2.1.1. Insurrection Bingo (via @CSpanreview)

2.1.2. Memes

3. House Select Committee

3.1. Illegal Committee HR503 Requirements

3.1.1. Democrats Bennie Thompson Chairman Zoe Lofgren Elaine Luria Adam Schiff Posse Commitatus Pete Aguilar Stephanie Murphy Jamie Raskin Abolish Electoral College Outcomes? Ethics Trouble

3.1.2. Republicans Liz Cheney 06-05-22 - Ongoing Threat 05-29-22 - Reelection Polls Bad Campaign Solicitation Not Political Major Statement Adam Kinzinger 10-29-21 - Retiring from Congress Re-districted out

3.2. Political Enemies

3.2.1. Subpoenas Rep. Kevin McCarthy Minority Leader California Reaction Rep. Jim Jordan Ohio FBI "Purge" Rep. Mo Brooks Alabama Rep. Scott Perry Pennsylvania Rep. Andy Biggs Arizona

3.2.2. Trump Response

3.2.3. 'MAGA Squad'

3.2.4. House GOP Press Conference 06-14-22

3.3. Insurrection Hearings

3.3.1. Episode #1: Season Premiere Preview Pat Cipollone MTG Biden Put Republicans in Jail THREE MORE NEXT WEEK Bennie's Opening Statements Pre-Hearing Media Reaction CNN Preparation Carl Bernstein "Real Sleeper" Fox News Not Showing Axelrod Reaction Cohen Reaction Hollywood Weirdos Witnesses Nick Quested Caroline Edwards Trump Tweet Ivanka Trump Bill Barr Reaction Meghan McCain Scott Perry Viewing Numbers

3.3.2. Episode #2: The Big Lie Chris Stirewalt Former Fox News Called Arizona "No Basis" to Declare Victory Joe Biden Won Red Mirage Bill Stepien Trump Campaign Manager Kevin Marino Lawyer Bill Barr "Whack-a-mole" with Fraud Claims "No evidence of fraud that could have impacted the outcome" Bill Barr Prior Mr. Benjamin Ginsburg Details Election Process Does not believe fraud claims substantiated Mr. Pak Former U.S. Attorney Georgia Giuliani Video Tape Replaced by Bobby Christine "No widespread fraud" Mr. Al Schmidt Penn. Voting Official Investigated Dead People Voting Claims CISA Dominion Warning Chris Krebs Former CISA

3.3.3. June 16 at 1 p.m. ET Thursday Episode #4: Pence John Eastman Scheduled! Hon. Luttig Mr. Jacob Pence Attorney

3.3.4. Episode #5 06-21-22 at 1 pm ET Rep. Adam Schiff Opens Exits Press Reaction Witnesses Rusty Bowers Lady Freeman Shaye Moss Gabriel Sterling Brad Raffensberger Responses Michael Moore Trump Elector Threats 2016 Tweets Election Integrity

3.3.5. Episode #5 Previously #3) 6-23-22 at 3pm ET Rep. Adam Kinzinger Pardons Sean Penn Attends Fanone Jeffrey Rosen Acting Trump AG Richard Donoghue Acting Deputy AG Jeffrey Clarke Former DOJ Possible Trump AG Steven Engel Assistant AG in Trump OLC Cheney Closing Reaction POSTPONED AGAIN Raskin POSTPONED Episode #3: The AG June 15 at 10 a.m. ET

3.3.6. Surprise Hearing! 06-28-2022 Liz Cheney Emergency? Hearsay Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony Rebuttals Trump Responds

3.3.7. Episode #7: Insurrectionists 07-12-2022 Raskin American Carnage Proud Boy Potential for Violence Murphy Trump Speech Edits Ivanka vs. CoS Reason for March? Second Stage? Cheney Trump Called Witnesses Stephen Ayers Reaction Bolton Reaction Political Event Turley No One Cares Next

3.3.8. Episode #8: Whatever 07-21-2022

3.3.9. More Hearings Raskin Pat Cippilone Waffling? Cassidy Hutchinson Letter from J6 Interview 07-08-2022

3.4. Drip Campaign

3.4.1. Insurrection Tour 06-15-22 Rep. Loudermilk Fox News Second Letter AOC Capitol Hill Tour Allegation J. Thomas Manger Capitol Hill Police Chief Capitol Hill Tour Allegation

3.4.2. July Fourth Kinzinger Cheney Schiff

3.4.3. Ray Epps Damage Control Revolver Responds Darren J. Beattie Meanwhile Pamela Hemphill Secret Service Deleted Texts

3.5. Production

3.5.1. Arguments "Fight" Incited Insurrection Trump Maneuvered Chain-of-Command Legal Mechanisms = Insurrection Ongoing Threat Highly-Coordinated, Highly-Organized

3.5.2. James Goldston Producer McCarthy Reaction Trump Endorsed Epstein Cover-up Mark Middleton Teleprompters

3.6. Endgame

3.6.1. Book Sales

3.6.2. Indict Trump Confusion 06-14-22 Raskin Elaine Luria Liz Cheney Bennie Clarifications 06-15-22 Rep. Schiff Rep. Kinzinger Rep. Raskin SEC Investigation Truth Trump Left Warren Letter Merrick Garland Discussion 07-20-2022

3.6.3. Rep. Jamaal Bowman Civil War

3.6.4. Eliminate Trump Voters

4. Notes

4.1. Counters

4.1.1. Law Enforcement Negligent Olympics Nassar Lawsuit Sussmann Not Guilty Verdict Whiter Plot Failures Missing Pipe Bomber Complicit Feds? Stand Down Orders Political Collusion Support Rejected CHS Embedded Secret Service Deleted Texts

4.1.2. Hyperbole "Worst attack on democracy since Civil War" Pearl Harbor 9/11 "Fight Fight Fight" "Massive Attack" US DOJ Prosecutors (1-year) Scottsdale Prosecutors (1-month) 145/796 (18%) are "assault" 17/796 (2%) are "seditious conspiracy" 0% "insurrection"

4.1.3. Double-Standards Language McCarthy Montage Criminality Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Kamala Bail Bond Interference with Democracy Kavanaugh Threats Election Integrity Hillary Clinton Kamala Harris Bennie Thompson Elector Pressure Michael Moore Trump Elector Threats 2016 Tweets Vote Trump Anyways Capitol Building Trespass Late Night Colbert Wisconsin Abortion Capitol Damage MTG

4.1.4. House Decides

4.1.5. Actual Conspiracies Conspiracy / Collusion / Fraud Viva & Nate The Other J6

4.1.6. Legal Political Question Standard of Care Electoral Count Act Congressional Research Service Explainer 1876 Election Evidentiary No Cross Examination No Access to Evidence Incomplete Evidence No Court of Law Support Argument

4.2. Policies

4.2.1. Mutually Assured Destruction

4.3. Defense

4.3.1. Supporting Witnesses J. Thomas Manger Capitol Hill Police Chief

4.3.2. Witnesses Senate McConnell Sergeant At Arms House Nancy Pelosi J6 Committee Sergeant At Arms DC Muriel Bowser Steven Sund Charles Flynn DC National Guard Waited to Send Support Informants Ray Epps Enrique Tarrio Stewart Rhodes FBI Wray Krebs CISA Report Author Researchers J. Halderman U. Michigan DNC Marc Elias Michael Sussmann Time Magazine Witnesses