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Durham by Mind Map: Durham

1. Trial

1.1. Day 1: Jury Selection

1.1.1. 1131 Teacher/Gymnast

1.1.2. 0586 Treasury Dept. DNC Primary Donor

1.1.3. 0290 Medical Illustrator

1.1.4. 0731 Lawyer Hillary Donor

1.1.5. 0952 Elden Ring

1.1.6. 1016 Mechanic

1.1.7. 0517 Smithsonian Strong Dislike Trump

1.1.8. 0764 Father Worked for Senator

1.1.9. 760 Peace Corps

1.1.10. 505 Government Contractor

1.2. Day 2: Opening Arguments; Gov CIC: SA Martin; SA Scott Hellman; Steve De Jong Neustar

1.2.1. David Martin FBI Special Agent DNS Expert

1.2.2. Scott Hellman FBI Special Agent Cybercrime / IP

1.2.3. Steve De Jong Neustar Employee

1.3. Day 3:

1.3.1. Deborah Fine

1.3.2. Laura Seago FusionGPS Franklin Foer Journalist

1.3.3. Marc Elias Clinton Campaign Lawyer

1.4. Day 4: FBI Jim Baker

1.4.1. James Baker FBI General Counsel Memory Faulty Trusted Sussmann Procedural Errors Sussmann Twitter Text Sussmann FBI Badge

1.5. Day 5: Baker Cross, Mook Mark Chadason, Kevin P.

1.5.1. Robbie Mook Clinton Campaign Manager Clinton Approval Trump Responds

1.5.2. Mark Chadason Ex-CIA / Consultant

1.5.3. Kevin P. Retired CIA

1.6. Day 6: FBI's Bill Priestep, Ryan Gaynor, Allison Sands

1.6.1. Bill Priestep FBI Assistant Director Counter Intelligence

1.6.2. Ryan Gaynor FBI Curtis Heide FBI Allison Sands FBI Section Chief Moffa FBI David Dagon Researcher

1.6.3. Allison Sands FBI Technical Analyst

1.7. Day 7: FBI Witnesses, Technical

1.7.1. Trisha Anderson FBI Deputy GC Sussmann Baker Notes

1.7.2. Curtis Heide FBI Materiality

1.7.3. Jared Novick CEO BitVoyant David Dagon Researcher-2 Manos Antonakakis Researcher-1

1.8. Day 8: Gov't Rests; Defense Case

1.8.1. Kori Aresenault Billing Summary Witness 9-14-2016 Whitepaper Prep 9-19-2016 Baker Meeting Flash Drive Purchase

1.8.2. Tashina Gauhar March 7 Notes Notes

1.8.3. Mary McCord March 7 Notes Notes

1.8.4. Thomas X. Grasso FBI Special Agent Defense Witness Defense Joffe Credibility Booster Defense Says FBI Screwed Up Gov't Says Joffe Concealed Identity

1.8.5. Brandon Charnov Latham & Watkins Defense: Overlapping Activities Prosecution: Missing 9-19-16 Date!

1.8.6. Jimma Elliott-Stevens Character Witness Sussmann Inspirational Mentor

1.8.7. Martha Stansell-Gamm Character Witness Sussmann Life of Pain

1.9. Day 9: Defense Rests

1.9.1. Stipulations

1.9.2. Jury Instructions On or About Revised: Only 9-19-16 Lie Good Faith Included Jury Nullification Excluded

1.9.3. Jury Charge

1.10. Day 10: Closing Arguments; Deliberations

1.10.1. Algor Intentional Concealment

1.10.2. Berkowitz Baker Memory Bad Baker's Integrity Bad Having Clients vs. For Clients Was Working for HFA Billing Errors FBI Screw-ups Immaterial Prosecutorial Misconduct

1.10.3. DeFillipis Baker 100% Confident

1.11. Verdict: NOT GUILTY 6 hours

1.11.1. Materiality FBI would have investigated regardless FBI screwed this up

1.11.2. Good Faith Jury Instructions Everyone already knew he worked for DNC

1.11.3. Jury Nullification Juror on Crew Team with Sussmann Juror "Strong Dislike for Trump" DC Jury - Government Workers

1.11.4. Narrowed Scope Couldn't see everything

2. Parties

2.1. Prosecutors

2.1.1. Brittain Shaw

2.1.2. Andrew DeFillipis Marc Elias Def 5A Motion for Mistrial Laura Seago Impeachment Contradictory Statements CIA Agent Outing Mr. Kevin P-----

2.1.3. Michael Keilty

2.1.4. Jonathan Algor

2.2. Judge Cooper DC Court

2.2.1. Trial Order

2.2.2. Amy Jeffries Judge Cooper Wife Defense Lawyer Lisa Page Ex-FBI Lawyer Affair with Strozk

2.3. Defense Team Latham & Watkins

2.3.1. Sean Berkowitz

2.3.2. Michael Bosworth

2.3.3. Catherine Yao

2.3.4. Natalie Hardwick Rao

3. Issues

3.1. Open

3.1.1. Eric Lichtblau Testimony

3.1.2. March 7, 2017 Meeting Notes

3.1.3. FusionGPS Emails

3.2. Closed

3.2.1. Tweet: Excluded -- ADMITTED!

3.2.2. Data Gathering Evidence

3.2.3. Defense Motion for Mistrial; DENIED

3.2.4. Pros. Remove Juror #5; DENIED Mark Elias' Daughter Crew Team

4. Hillary Clinton

4.1. Hillary for America

4.1.1. Robbie Mook

4.1.2. John Podesta

4.1.3. Jake Sullivan

4.1.4. Jennifer Palmieri

4.2. Perkins Coie

4.2.1. Mark Elias Clinton General Counsel Michael A. Sussman Indictment FBI Meeting September 2016 CIA Meeting

4.2.2. FusionGPS Issues Yota Phones Alfa Bank Sergei Millan Team Peter Frisch Co-Founder Glenn Simpson Co-Founder Tom Catan Laura Seago Tech Operations Jake Berkowitz Patrick Corcoran Researcher Assets Neustar Security Services Christopher Steele FusionGPS Contract June 2016 Steele Dossier Trump Pee Pee Paper