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Foundations by Mind Map: Foundations

1. Project Review

1.1. Summary of Project

1.2. Timeline:

1.3. Budget:

1.4. Resources:

2. are structural element of the support system

3. transmits to the ground its own weight and the loads received.

3.1. Types of foundations

3.1.1. Shallow foundations Single footings structures supported by columns. Braced footings single or combined footings joined by beams. Strip footings under walls used to serve as the foundation of a wall. Foundations beams used in areas where bearing capacity does not allow using single footings. Raft foundations cover an important part of the whole building floor.

3.1.2. Deep foundations Piles an elongated shape and with a length longer than eight times their smallest dimension. Caissons lands where surface foundations are inadequate.

4. construction processes have a significant influence on the behavior of a foundation.