Vehicle Crash or Claim

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Vehicle Crash or Claim by Mind Map: Vehicle Crash or Claim

1. L1/L2 Safety Minor-Moderate Injury/Property Damage - EMEA

1.1. Minor moderate injury = phone call

1.1.1. Check for duplicate Create a JIRA BFP

2. L1/L2 Safety No Injury - EMEA

2.1. Handle by BPO

3. If the driver's account, or their vehicle, has been placed on hold/waitlisted and they have a transport or renter Fleet Partner

3.1. Follow fleet partner outreach steps

3.1.1. Create new contact in Bliss Advise fleet partner of driver account/vehicle action taken Submit as 'Solved' Waiting reply KB


4.1. EMEA - IRT - Resources - Accidents and Insurance

4.2. EMEA IRT Central Resources - Insurance General Instructions