Acquisition Process

Company Wide Processes

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Acquisition Process by Mind Map: Acquisition Process

1. Client Outreach

1.1. Source

1.1.1. TikTok

1.1.2. Shopify Collabs

1.1.3. Things Testing

1.1.4. Amazon Small Business

1.1.5. Twitter

1.2. How To

1.2.1. Sourcing Stage Slack 1. Select a 'source' to find prospects from 2. Input URL / Source link of prospect into channel #client-discovery

1.2.2. Qualifying Stage Notion 1. Go to 'Sales Leads' database to see all sourced leads (Zapier will Input leads from Slack) 4. Once prospects have been 'Verified' make sure to checkmark the box 'complete' Linked In Sales Navigator 2. Inside 'Sales Leads' go to 'Unverified Leads' tab 5. Create a list of prospects 3. Qualify Prospects from Notion 6. Export prospect list Wiza 1. Download Wiza Chrome Extension 2. Go to prospect list made inside Linked In Sales Navigator 3. Open Wiza Chrome extension: It'll Scan the LSN List 4. Export prospect List into Wiza *Select Emails only 5. Open Wiza and export the prospects list as a CSV 6. Import Prospects List CSV into Pipedrive

1.2.3. Contact Phase Pipedrive 1. Match prospects List to appropriate columns (Merge Tags) 2. Sync prospects list to Lemlist (All prospects imported can be found under 'Contacts' Tab 1. Enroll recently imported contacts (prospects) into Email Automation Lemlist

2. Creator Outreach

2.1. Source

2.1.1. TikTok

2.1.2. Twitter

2.1.3. Telegram

2.2. How to

2.2.1. Sourcing Stage Twitter 1. Go through Hashtags #UGC, #UGCers, #UGCcommunity 2. Send out Opportunity tweets to reel creators in 3. Share Form with creators via DM

2.2.2. Qualifying Stage Notion 1. Go through Creators that have signed up

2.2.3. Contact Phase Mailchimp 1. Move recent Approved creators imported via notion into'Approved List' 3. Email those Approved + send them a link to our Creator GCs 4. Email those declined with a link on how to get started as a UGC creator (Coming soon: Course)