Newsletter: Introducing MindMeister Offline

Dear MindMeister User,

After a period of radio silence we're rather proud to present to you something we've been working on over the past few months - a new dimension to MindMeister that closes the last major gap between web-based and desktop-based mind mapping tools:

MindMeister Offline allows you to create and edit MindMeister maps anytime - even without being connected to the internet! Using local storage and synchronization technology from Google, this actually works really well and we hope you'll like it a lot too!

Of course we've added a few other new features as well - for example embedding mind maps in blogs is now free for all users!

And, as always we'll round off this newsletter with some internal news, this time about a new partnership with Deutsche Telekom.

Have fun reading,
  The MindMeister Team

Using MindMeister Offline

Offline Mode We're sure you'd agree that web-based applications are great - you can access your data online from wherever you are, instantly share documents with others, and even work on them simultaneously. But what happens when you have no internet connection, maybe on a plane or in a Fijian beach hut?

Well that's where MindMeister Offline comes in - you just take all your mind maps offline using the handy slider at the bottom of the maps list, and hey presto! you can work on your mind maps anytime, from anywhere. Next time you get connected just slide the slider back and all your changes (and new maps) will be synched back to your online account automatically!

Offline Mode MindMeister Offline uses Google Gears offline technology, which is still in beta stage, so please bear with us should you experience any glitches with the offline mode. Drop us an email if you encounter any issues and we'll do our best to iron them out!

The offline mode is available to all users for a 30 day trial period (even if you're already subscribed and your initial trial period has expired), after that only Premium users will be able to use it.

For more information check out the following resources:

Or get started right away by enabling the offline mode on the My Account page!

More New Features

Although we've focused mainly on the offline mode in this release, there are some other new features and enhancements too, and you can expect more right up to the end of the year!

  • Password protection on public maps

    You can now set passwords for public maps for secure linking and embedding and to hide them from the public maps list

  • Blog embedding for everybody

    Now you don't need to be Premium user anymore to embed maps into websites or blogs

  • Embed API

    A new embed API allows you to seamlessly integrate our map editor in virtually any other web application

  • Improved performance

    Vastly reduced the number of requests when loading a map by combining icons and other tuning measures

  • Reseller Scheme

    If you're interested in reselling MindMeister to other users just sign up for an account here and get 20% on every license sold!

  • Other enhancements

    Easy enable notifications when first sharing a map - tag auto completion - reworked publish dialog with easy copy buttons - view invoices and export as PDF - and many more...

Internal News

MindMeister partners with Deutsche Telekom

The German telecoms provider Deutsche Telekom recently launched a new portal site at aimed at presenting innovative Web 2.0 solutions to its online subscribers. We've just signed a partnership with Deutsche Telekom that features MindMeister as a frontpage solution on the beta portal, as well as within several other parts of the portal site.

Check out the beta portal here.