Newsletter: Languages, inline images, history and more!

Dear MindMeister User,

After many requests for localized interfaces MindMeister finally goes international! Well, the first two steps anyway. German-speaking and Japanese users can now mind map in their native tongue, and find out what Geistesblitz really means.

In terms of mind mapping features, we're proud to present inline image support in this release - you should try out especially the WunderBild function which we're quite fond of. We've also updated the History View with some neat Time Machine-like features as well as making many small changes as usual, hopefully stuff you'll find useful. Read details below.

Happy mind mapping,
  The MindMeister Team

What's New in MindMeister

Besides localized interfaces the new MindMeister release contains some impressive new mapping features as well. The biggest one is certainly support for inline images - see a list of all new functions below.

  • German and Japanese interface

    When asked why a German company only offered their product in English we usually cited our heavily US-focused demographics - a feeble excuse of course. So that's why we're especially proud to launch two localized versions in one go: German and Japanese.

  • Inline Images

    MindMeister users can now visually spice up their mind maps with pretty inline images. Choose from our built-in library, upload them from your computer or insert images from the web - either via direct URL or through an automated Google Image search. more

  • WunderBild™TIP

    This one's part of the image feature but we like it so much that we thought it deserved its own mention. Click the image button itself (not the dropdown triangle) to automatically add a "wonder" image to the selected idea. Try it out e.g. with your own name, it's good fun! more

  • History View Player / Time Machine

    The History View now has player controls to quickly jump to the start of the change history and stop/start the replay. You can also choose replay speed and color-highlight changes by modifier. An Advanced dialog allows you to filter the entire history by user and idea.

  • Many more icons

    We've added a second icon library with 200 new icons and we've extended the MindMeister library with some often requested icons (e.g. Six Thinking Hats). Recently used icons are now saved for quick access.

  • New embed widget

    Publicly embedded maps will now be shown in a much nicer widget with forwarding and bookmarking functions.

  • Coloring connections

    Also frequently requested, you can now choose from six colours for your connection arrows.

  • Other enhancements

    Enhanced RTF export, preview of changes in notification emails, new browser support, various UI enhancements and bugfixes

We've also done some work on the website itself, mainly updating the content pages. Have a look at the new information in the About section. In addition to lists of customers and partners there's now a special Security page as well as a - steadily growing - section on Use Cases of mind mapping.

More Languages

MindMeister new languages More translations are on the way - next up are French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese - and if you're interested in helping us with any additional languages please let us know. Also many thanks to those who have already offered their services, we'll be surely coming back to you!

The German translation was done in-house (special thanks go to Oliver and Verena - great work!), while the Japanese version was done by our partner act2, who is also our local reseller in Japan (and therefore knows the language a little better). If you're a native speaker of German or Japanese and you find any missing or erratic translations please send us a quick feedback message using the "Found a mistake" link in the menu bar.

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