Newsletter: MindMeister now available in the App Store

Dear MindMeister User,

We're happy to announce that the new MindMeister application for iPhone and iPod touch is finally available in the App Store! Those who've followed its progress know that it has been a rather slow birth, but nonetheless we've made it there in the end!

Get the app right away or read more on what it has to offer below and stay tuned for more updates from MindMeister over the next couple of weeks!

Thanks for your patience & best regards,
The MindMeister Team

MindMeister on the iPhone + iPod touch

The new MindMeister iPhone application allows you to take your online mind maps with you wherever you go. Just sign in to your MindMeister account when you first start the app, browse and download your mind maps for local editing and let the application take care of synchronising them with the cloud.

Feature overview:

  • Create, view, and edit maps online and offline
  • Seamlessly sync maps with your online MindMeister account
  • Share maps directly from the device
  • Full drag & drop support
  • Zoom in and out
  • Add children and sibling nodes
  • Support for icons, colors, styles *
  • Favorites and pending maps
  • Geistesblitz view to quickly insert ideas
  • Use with or without MindMeister account

  • * view only currently - edit support is in the works!

MindMeister for iPhone + iPod touch is officially available in the App Store now for only $6.99 / €5.49. It works with any MindMeister account - even the free Basic one - and pretty much all iPhone / iPod touch versions (minimum OS 2.2.1).

Get MindMeister in the App Store now

Oh, and please don't be confused that the publisher is not MindMeister but Ultravague. This is because a while ago we acquired MindMaker from Ultravague to turn it into MindMeister and it's currently not possible to change the publisher's name in the App Store once it has been set.

Upgrading from MindMaker?

If you've already been using MindMaker, the mind mapping app we acquired last year, this upgrade is completely free for you!

When you start the new app the first time your existing mind maps will automatically be converted to the new format. Then, once you sign up for a MindMeister account (the Basic one will do - but feel free to go Premium straight away), all your local maps will be synched to the MindMeister server. This means online access and backup, import and export in many formats, easy sharing and collaboration, and much, much more.

System Requirements:
iPhone or iPod touch (any generation) with OS 2.2.1 or higher
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