Hi John,

We may finally break the news about what we've been working on in the MeisterLabs for the last few weeks: MindMeister is now available to Google Apps users directly through the newly launched Google Apps Marketplace!

What this means is that users of Google's popular Apps suite will now have the power of MindMeister available at their fingertips, without having to switch between applications or use multiple logins. This is big news, and we're very proud of having been chosen by the folks in Mountain View to be among the launch partners of their new solutions store!

Go to the Google Apps Markeplace | Watch our new launch video

Connecting your MindMeister and Google Apps accounts

Our recent user survey showed that many of you are using Google Apps as well, so we made sure there are easy ways to connect both accounts (and have one password less to remember).

MindMeister can be added to a Google Apps account with just a few clicks and will then be available to all team members through Google's universal navigation.

If you are an administrator of a Google Apps account, either corporate or personal, you can simply make MindMeister available to your team by visiting the Apps Marketplace and adding MindMeister.

Once MindMeister has been added to your Google Apps account, you may then login to your Google account, and start the Conversion Wizard under "My Team".

Add MindMeister to Google Apps | Learn more about connecting accounts

Additional features for Google Apps users

Apart from a specially created new user interface skin to make Google users feel right at home, there's a number of extra features that connecting your account will bring:

  • Single Sign-on: Users will automatically be signed in when they open MindMeister from the Google universal navigation, and will have mind maps automatically associated to their account.

  • Export to Google Docs: The MindMeister export dialog now has an additional function (and button) to export mind maps directly to your Google Docs space as PDF or image.

  • Share with Google contacts: Your MindMeister app contact list is prefilled with all your Google contacts, thereby enabling one click sharing with those that you collaborate most often with.

We think that MindMeister is a great extension to the existing array of apps in the Google suite and certainly hope you will feel the same way, enjoying lots of productive mind mapping sessions using the Google Apps edition of MindMeister!

Review us!

As with all things MindMeister, we're always interested in your feedback. Let us know your thoughts on the integration, and if you like it – why not submit a review on the Google Apps Marketplace? We'll be forever grateful for each of those yellow stars you can give us ;-)

Happy Collaboration!
- The MindMeister Team

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