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We're happy to present another batch of new functions and improvements for MindMeister. One especially long-awaited feature is the ability to create folders to structure your mind maps, particularly useful for those of you with many maps and projects. But there's more:

We're also hard at work on an iPad App version of MindMeister, and are looking at a late May release date to coincide with the official European launch date. Details below.

As always, there's more to come in the near future, so stay tuned for further updates.

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  The MindMeister Team

What's New in MindMeister

  • Folders

    No more searching through multiple pages of mind maps. Now you can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders for individual projects, clients, archives, etc. Folders replace tags, and creating a new folder is as easy as clicking button, while moving maps into a folder is a simple drag & drop. Learn more

  • Trashcan

    Ever accidentally delete a map? Well, we know for a fact our users have. With our new Trashcan feature you can now weed out those old mind maps from your folder list but still get them back quickly and easily when you need to. Learn more

  • Find & Filter view

    Our new Filter view allows users to quickly and accurately pin point tasks, ideas or specific edits in a map. Activated by clicking the small hourglass icon on the bottom right (or with CTRL-F), the Filter view allows you to find and highlight ideas by text, icons, task properties, or even who last edited it. Learn more

  • Extended "My Tasks" view

    We've beefed up the "My Tasks" section found at the bottom of your maps list. By switching to Advanced mode, users will now not only see more details on their tasks, but also be able to change priority and completion details right there just by clicking the icons. Learn more

  • Twitter Tools

    Do you tweet? Our new Twitter tools now allow you to automatically send a tweet when publishing a new mind map, receive direct messages when someone updates your maps, or insert direct messages as Geistesblitzes into MindMeister. Learn more

  • Other enhancements

    Improved PDF export, editors names shown with changes in brainstorming mode, usage tips for less known features, enhanced task notification and share emails, various bugfixes and usability enhancements.

Sneak Peek: MindMeister on the iPad

While Apple's newest "must-have", the iPad, is flying off the shelves, we've been hard at work on an iPad application in the MeisterLabs.

We realize that you're all eager to get mind mapping on your iPad, and we promise to deliver soon. Our iPad application will include many of the features you know and love from our web interface, plus a few extras that are sure to add impoved productivity to your mobile mind mapping experience.

We're estimating a late-May release to coincide with the official iPad Europe launch. In the meantime, how about some preview images of what we're working on?

Reminder: Google Apps Marketplace Integration

MindMeister was one of the launch partners of the new Google Apps Marketplace. Administrators of Google Apps accounts can add the MindMeister service instantly by clicking the button on the right.

At launch, the option to convert existing accounts to Google Apps accounts was only available to Business or Academic account holders. Responding to a flood of enquiries from our users we've now enabled support also for Premium accounts.

Learn more about connecting accounts | Write a review

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