Hello MindMeisters!

It's been a while since we've checked in, but that's not to say that we've not been hard at work on a number of new exciting features. Included in version 4.9 of MindMeister:

And more...

We've also recently launched our integration with the SAP StreamWork business solution suite, as well as partnered with Cheshire, England based Interact Intranet.

Without further ado, let's have a closer look at what's new in MindMeister!

What's New in MindMeister v4.9

  • Offline Mode

    Admittedly, our Offline Mode feature took considerably longer than we expected to re-implement. We've now utilized the best of the best of HTML5 to future proof the offline mode, thus delivering an uninterrupted on/offline MindMeister mind mapping experience (still in beta, requires Google Chrome or Safari).

  • Inline Tasks

    If you're a long time user of our rich Task Management feature, you've most probably already noticed this new feature. If not, we've effectively removed any clicking, and made task assignments instantly visible inline. You can of course go back to the old display of tasks via Map Properties -> Advanced.

  • Enable/Disable Auto Layout

    While we've come a long way in the development of our auto layout functionality, we realize that sometimes, you just want things to look the way you want them to. Thus, in version 4.9 we're giving you the option to toggle the auto layout feature. This functionality may be found in Map Properties -> Advanced.

  • IconFinder

    We're proud to announce the inclusion of IconFinder's massive catalogue of creative and visually appealing icons. To access IconFinder's images: Icons and Images -> Use an image from the web -> select IconFinder from the dropdown options.

  • .PSD, .TTF, and .PAGES in MindMeister?

    You'll remember that back in September of 2010, we introduced the Google Docs Viewer as a method whereby users could view an attachment before/instead of downloading it. Thanks to an upgrade of service provided by Google, MindMeister users are now able to view 12 additional file formats in this Docs viewer.

  • More enhancements

    Overflow menu in footer when working with many collaborators, enhanced auto-layouting, advanced menu for map properties, HTML5 browser updates and, as always, bugfixes.

MindMeister + SAP StreamWork = Productivity Bliss

We're proud to announce our recent integration with the SAP StreamWork collaborative decision-making platform.

Leveraging the power of uservoice, SAP invites participants to suggest, vote on, and rank a variety of requested tools. Just after Google Docs integration, SAP StreamWork users unanimously voted a mind mapping solution as a “must have,” with many of them recommending MindMeister.

The MindMeister gadget is now available to SAP StreamWork users everywhere via their recently launched OpenSocial API.

Welcome to the next Interact (-ion)

interact We've also recently partnered with Interact to provide MindMeister's powerful services to their Interact Intranet Suite.

The easy-to-use and scalable turnkey solution has revolutionized the way companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge and streamline internal processes. It has a unique Intelligence Store which logs information including browsing routes, search entries and document ratings, it then uses this data to promote content to users. Its powerful enterprise networking tools actively promote internal communication, collaboration, idea sharing and cross-organization participation.

If you'd like to learn more about Interact, please visit them at interact-intranet.

Using MindMeister in the Netherlands?

AoM Want to get the most out of MindMeister? Save lots of time learning all the ins and outs? Discover in which work processes MindMeister excels?

Our partner Academy of Minds will be holding a MindMeister specific 1 day training the 2nd of March, 6th of April and the 4th of May in The Hague, Netherlands.

If you book before the 1st of April for a minimum of 8 participants we include 8 hours of free personal coaching and a MindMeister Team Edition for 10 persons for 6 months.

Please visit AcademyOfMinds.com for more training information. Or check out WorldOfMinds.com as to why visual thinking is key to your success!

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