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Just in time to capture those brilliant beer garden strokes of genius, the crew at MindMeister are here with latest updates and news of our hot summer promo:

Over the next 14 days Summer Promo we'll be taking 20% off all Premium upgrades!

Furthermore, we've got significant updates of each product line for you, plus a completely new offering:

And more ...

Summer Promo: 20% off Premium accounts!

We're only weeks away from the introduction of the all new MindMeister, a complete revamp with tons of new features, new pricing plans and client apps.

To shorten the wait we thought we'd offer one last discount on the "old" MindMeister plans:

Over the next 14 days, we'll be taking 20% off all Premium Account upgrades, offering you the chance to get access to the best-of-the-best of MindMeister's features including:

  • An unlimited number of mind maps
  • Upload images and attachments
  • New and improved HTML5 offline mode
  • Search, export, chat, customize themes
  • And much more…

Simply enter the phrase:


in the promotion code field on the payment page, and automatically receive 20% off your Premium Account upgrade!

Upgraded and saved 20%? Excellent! On to the news.

MindMeister for iOS v4

First up in the product updates is MindMeister for iPad, our tablet client that's ever-growing in adoption and popularity among our users. We want to make it the best mind mapping app available for Apple's tab, and we think that version 4 will be a large step towards that goal when it hits the App Store (hopefully some time next week).

A quick run down of features to expect:

  • Support for folders (fully synched, add / edit / delete also on device)
  • Unified map list (no more offline/online division)
  • Export to MindMeister format
  • Duplicate maps / templates
  • Memory consumption down by 80(!) percent
  • and of course a fresh new Look & Feel

MindMeister for iPhone
Likewise, MindMeister for iPhone is receiving the same treatment as it's larger cousin. In addition to a completely new user interface, we're now bringing the often requested folder functionality to the app.

Both MindMeister for iOS updates will be released simultaneously.

Can't wait any longer?
We're still looking for beta testers of the new version so if you're not afraid to run into a few bumps, send a message over to our support team and we'll get you access to a preview release. Otherwise, follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when the official version becomes available in the App Store.

MindMeister for Android

Admittedly, we're all big fans of Apple products. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of Android-based mobile mind mappers out there waiting for a native MindMeister app.

If you've been following our "public secret" releasing of MindMeister for Android info on Facebook, then you're already aware that we're close to finishing the first version of our own Android app.

The app will go into private beta some time next week so if you're interested in becoming an early tester keep an eye on our Facebook page over the next few days.

Coming soon ... the all new MindMeister

We've been gradually teasing the new look and feel of MindMeister via our Facebook page over the past few days, and the response has been great.

If you've not already joined us on Facebook, be sure to Like us, and never miss out on upcoming product advancements.

The new version of MindMeister is essentially not that at all. Keeping us busy over the last six months, it is rather a complete rewrite of our popular mind mapping app. As such, it not only sports a fresh new look & feel, but also builds on the latest developments in web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) to give you a much faster, sleeker and more intuitive online mapping experience.

Furthermore, the rewrite has allowed us to implement a number of much-requested features that we've always wanted in MindMeister, but never really dared to get started on. Here's a short excerpt of what you can expect:

  • "Keep aligned" option for map layout
  • Improved, almost seamless zooming
  • Share maps via direct URL
  • New map themes with shadows & gradients
  • New export formats: .docx and .pptx
  • Adjustable Bézier connections

And much more. We're still putting the final touches on this new release but can say with confidence that the all-new MindMeister is just around the corner!

Best of the blog

The MindMeister blog is where we regularly update users and fans of what's going on inside the MeisterLabs, as well as invite industry experts in to give us their take on mind mapping, data visualization, and overall sound practices when it comes to professional advancement.

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