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We're very happy to announce the public availability of MindMeister for Android! It's been quite a while in development, and we hope that you'll find it worth the wait. In this month's newsletter:

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Introducing: MindMeister for Android

It's been a long requested feature, and we're proud and pleased to present the public release of MindMeister for Android.

The MindMeister for Android app has been specifically written for mobile devices supporting Android 2.x, and we plan on adding tablet (3.x) support in the future.

Features include:

  • Automatic synchronization with
  • Ability to work offline
  • Folder support
  • Multi-touch, pinch and zoom
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Notes/Links/Tasks
  • Support for Connections and Themes
  • Geistesblitz Widget

MindMeister for Android is now available for free directly from the Android Marketplace.

Download from Android Market

P.S. There might still be one or two glitches in the app but if you trust us to iron them out soon we'd be very happy if you could give us a good review ;-)

Updates to MindMeister 6

First, a huge “Thank You!” to all of you who've tweeted and left great feedback for us on Facebook regarding the recent launch of MindMeister 6! This newest version is the result of countless hours of user interaction studies, surveys, and overall user experience observation. However, in slimming down your favorite mind mapping interface, it would appear that we'd taken away just a tad too much.

Here's a quick recap of what you've requested be returned to MindMeister:

Configurable scrollbars

By default, scrollbars in the map editor are turned off. To enable them, click the Info icon in the footer and toggle the "Scrollbars" checkbox.

Background and border color

To easily change the background color of individual ideas, click the Color icon in the Format widget of the sidebar. Within this drop down you'll find tabs to color text, node background, and node border.

My Tasks List

It took us a few days to get this functionality back up and running, but you'll now find your open tasks conveniently back in the map list, within the new sidebar.

What fans are saying

"It's great to see a developer listening to its customers and responding with terrific new features and functionality. MindMeister continues to get my recommendation as the top web-based mind mapping application available today."

- Chuck Frey, via The Mindmapping Software Blog

A Video Tour of MindMeister - New!

MindMeister Video Tour

With our newly updated MindMeister user interface comes a new product tour. Based on a number of user surveys and research, we've taken all the best parts of our previous video tour, added a few that were requested, and condensed the essential elements of MindMeister down to an easy 3:25 video. Enjoy!

Best of the blog

The (also redesigned) MindMeister blog is where we regularly update users and fans of what's going on inside the MeisterLabs, as well as invite industry experts in to give us their take on mind mapping, data visualization, and overall sound practices when it comes to professional advancement.

Here are our top three picks from the past few weeks:

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