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Just in time for the festive season we're happy to present you with a number of new features we've recently added to your favorite mind mapping app, as well as give you a sneak peek at the upcoming tablet edition of MindMeister for Android. In this month's newsletter:

With that, Happy Holidays to all our users and thank you for a great year. We have many exciting new things for you in store for 2012 so see you all again then!

New Features in MindMeister

With close to three million mind maps created, our users have found hundreds of uses for their MindMeister account. But it's not always easy to imagine what else could be useful to map, what other problems would be easier to solve by visualizing them graphically on your screen. Our 35 shiny new map templates should help you solve that problem, giving you many ideas for productive uses of your MindMeister account you never even dreamt of!

Map Templates

When creating a new mind map you can now choose from 35 map templates in 10 categories. Whether you want to create a Business Plan for your new enterprise, or compile a pack list for the upcoming skiing trip, our template library will save you lots of time by providing the complete structure right away. Learn more

Presentation Mode

Present your mind maps to your audience in two innovative ways: either online, where the moderator essentially takes over the screens of other collaborators, mirroring all of actions to the screens of those in your session; Or on screen, using auto-toggling and centering of branches to achieve maximum effect for your audience. Learn more

Facebook Login

Users of the social network can now log in to MindMeister using their Facebook account, no need to create an extra account, remember an additional password etc. More features to come for Facebook aficionados, so stay tuned!

Icon Filter

This is a functionality that was previously available and has been brought back due to many requests from our users - conveniently filter your mind map nodes by icons right from the bottom search bar.

More Features

Friends list when sharing, share multiple maps, split pasted text into nodes, show selection of others in collaboration mode, enhanced auto-numbering, tasks exported in PDF/image, featured maps on public maps page, topic filter in online help

What fans are saying

"@mindmeister absolutely love the update the templates are amazing keep up the good work"

"Hey @mindmeister - New features looking pretty slick! Congrats!"

"Love the new @mindmeister 6.0 updates. Without a doubt I will choose this over Mindjet now. #mindmapping"

- James Regoord and others, via Twitter

Updated iPhone and iPad apps

A few weeks ago also our native apps for iPhone and iPad received a rather sizeable makeover. Realizing that most MindMeisters use their iOS apps in a live mapping / note taking fashion. So in the latest release of MindMeister for iOS we've focused on improving usability and speed of mapping for our mobile users.

MindMeister for iOS

✔  New auxiliary keyboard
Quickly create new sub / sibling nodes, assign recent icons, and highlight colors

✔  New context menu for nodes
Tap selected node add connections, assign recent icons and highlight colors

✔  New node creation gestures
Double tap above, below or beside current node to quickly add siblings and subnodes

✔  Support for all new MindMeister 6 themes
Inclucing fancy gradients, shadows and background images

See a more detailed list of all changes on our blog.

Get MindMeister for iPad for only $7.99 directly from the App Store, or get MindMeister for iPhone for free.

Sneak Peek: MindMeister for Android Tablets

While we won't manage a public release before Christmas, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of the upcoming MindMeister for Android update that comes with a stylish new UI specifically built for large screen Android devices (aka tablets). Taking design clues from our popular iPad app, we've created a streamlined mapping experience that makes the most of the features of the new Android tablet platform.

MindMeister for Android Tablets

While we're busy putting the finishing touches onto the new app, please feel free to download the current MindMeister for Android app for free directly from the Android Marketplace.

Best of the blog

The MindMeister blog is where we regularly update users and fans of what's going on inside MeisterLabs, as well as invite industry experts in to give us their take on mind mapping, data visualization, and overall sound practices when it comes to professional advancement.

Here are our top three picks from the past few weeks:

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