Hi MindMeister User,

Today we have some very exciting news for you! As a Google Drive launch partner, MindMeister has been integrated with Drive. This new service means there are even more ways for you to create and share your favourite mind maps.

Drive is a cloud storage and collaboration service from Google which allows people to store their files online and access them from any device: in desktop folders on Mac or PC computers, in mobile apps on Android or iOS devices, or from any web browser by visiting drive.google.com. Google Drive also allows people to create, edit and share files with one another.

What are the key features?

  • Import and export mind map files between Drive and MindMeister
  • Create, share and co-edit mind map files directly in Google Drive
  • Bulk export compressed mind map files to Google Drive
  • Attach documents directly from Drive to topics in a mind map
  • Share and collaborate on mind maps with Google contacts

How do I get started?

Please note: If you already have a MindMeister account you can merge your Google account with your existing MindMeister account on the My Account page.

For more information see our blog post, alternatively our support team has put together a quick guide for setting up and using all the cool new features of MindMeister in Google Drive.

Best, The MindMeister Team

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