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October 2012

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Add a little WOW to your presentations

Hi MindMeister User,

Over the past half year we’ve been busy working on a number of really new cool features in MindMeister. We’re now very excited to finally launch them publicly: a brand-new presentation mode using latest web tech to wow your audiences, floating topics and connection labels for more mapping flexibility, better sharing, and much more. Enjoy!

The MindMeister Team

All-new Presentation Mode

For us, this is the stand-out feature of the new release: a cutting-edge, Prezi-style slideshow module that allows you to develop effect-driven presentations and wow your audience. Watch the teaser video

We've made it incredibly simple to create a slideshow: click the bottom left icon, draw some slides on the canvas - adding cool transitions if you want - and you're done!

And, since MindMeister is 100% collaborative, you can of course also broadcast your presentation to remote users right from the browser! Try it out now

Play the Presentation Mode Video

Video: Presentation Mode

See how you can create amazing presentations from your existing mind maps in a few minutes.

  Click'n'Drag to add slides

  Add Zoom, Pan & Blur

  Present in the browser

  Only CSS - no plugins!

More New Features

Of course, the new presentation mode is by far not all - we've added a couple more much-requested features and enhancements to MindMeister. Here's a short summary:

Floating Topics

You can now create floating topics in MindMeister, i.e. branches that are not connected to the center topic, giving you even more freedom when creating clear and concise mind maps. How? Just press and hold down the SHIFT key while dragging a topic. Learn more

Connection Labels

Organizing and structuring more complex information in MindMeister has just gotten a whole lot easier. You can now type the arbitrary connections between topics by adding a label, helping you to easily visualize relationships between sets of information. Learn more

New Sharing Options

We've made sharing your maps a lot faster and simpler and added some new options. The new combined view makes it clear who has what level of access, and when sharing via secure links you can now set the permissions to view or edit. Learn more

And much more...

Streamlined map info in a new footer toolbar, fast & smooth CSS zooming, support for high DPI Retina displays, plus many performance improvements and bugfixes.

Want to learn more about the new features? Watch the presentation mode video or read the blog post. As always, we're keen to hear how you like the new features so don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook or Twitter!

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