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August 2013

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Hi MindMeister User,

It's been a long hot summer over here, and we've used it to work on a bunch of exciting new things to be launched this autumn.

We'll start with three cool new features in MindMeister available now: first off, you can now use MindMeister in Google Hangouts; team admins can use groups to manage members and share maps easily, and all users can upload fancy avatars to their account. Enjoy!

The MindMeister Team

We've integrated with Google Hangouts to bring you video chat with mind mapping, vastly increasing the quality of your brainstorming and collaboration sessions. Using MindMeister with Hangouts means you you can video chat and generate great ideas in a mind map with up to 9 others at a time. Learn more

Launch MindMeister for Google Hangouts
You'll need a Google+ account which you can get here

MindMeister Groups

Personal Avatars

Our new Groups feature gives users unprecedented control over how team members are managed and mind maps are shared. Grant and revoke access to mind maps by group rather than just on an individual basis. This feature is available to all Business and Edu campus subscribers. Learn more

You can now add your own personal avatar to your MindMeister account. Avatars allow you to personalize your experience and ease recognition, especially in collaboration mode. You can upload your own avatar image or choose an existing one from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Learn more

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