My teacher beliefs

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My teacher beliefs Door Mind Map: My teacher beliefs

1. Teachers are also learners

2. This belief has arisen for years, because teachers are constantly learning.

2.1. In the past, more books were used for teaching, but now ICT tools are also used

2.2. The teachers go along with the latest developments by following courses and also look up additional information

2.3. As a teacher you also learn from the students about the norms and values within their population group

3. Application eg.

3.1. As a teacher you come across different types of students. I teacht at a Glo school on Highway. In class 5A there was a 14-year-old girl who could barely read well and could not communicate in Dutch. Sranantongo was spoken to her, but the rehearsals were simply written in Dutch so she also got bad marks. I called her for an interview during the break and then she told me she was coming from Guejaba and she did not go to school when she was still there. An uncle of hers then took her to the city and enrolled at school. Her parents did not feel the need to register her because she is a girl. She is the youngest of the 4 children and her brothers were all in Paramaribo at school. So her parents invested in the study of her brothers and found that she would find a man as a girl and that it would not be necessary to study. After that conversation I started thinking about how I could help her to participate in the classroom. From this I learned how to teach her the alphabet in a creative way and I succeeded.

4. This belief benefits both the teacher and the student

4.1. As a teacher you can then discover your creativity. You discover new methods and in such a way you also enrich your knowledge

4.2. As an student you get help with your weak learning moments. If it is explained in a creative way, eg visually, then you better understand it

5. ICT tools

5.1. By using ICT tools as an aid to the lesson or to reflect yourself, you also learn how to make the lesson enjoyable for the pupils and you also learn the minus points and the plus points in teaching

6. All students are equal

7. This belief has been the case for a couple of years

7.1. In the past you had that there was a stupid row and a good row in certain classes. Nowadays that is no longer the case

7.2. Personally, I think that every child is equal to every other child. Every child is unique

7.3. Every child must be treated with respect regardless of race, gender, poor or rich

8. This belief benefits both the teacher and the student

8.1. As a teacher it is very important to treat every child equally, so that the students are motivated to follow the lesson and save the knowledge

8.2. As a pupil, each child feels comfortable in his learning environment and can easily master the knowledge

9. Differences during lesson tracking

9.1. You have children who understand the subject better when they see, feel, smell, etc.

9.2. Other pupils can be taught by means of puzzles, group work by determining their own commitment or in groups.