eSOC 316 Mine Map

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eSOC 316 Mine Map Door Mind Map: eSOC 316 Mine Map

1. Usability

1.1. Technology

1.1.1. Phones Flip Limited Usability and poor UI Smart Why do you think smartphone is so easy to use? Think about the UI

1.1.2. Web/Internet This Week we had an article called "Usability" Usability Can be defined as the simplicity of using a product, usually a website or program. (UX Daily: Browse all topics We Take it for granted but Usability plays a drastic role in how we interact with any form of e-commerce Think about stores and websites that you commonly access. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Wish, Craigslist, etc.

1.1.3. Tablets Simple and Effective standard Layout Best ways to improve a tablet's layout