More Black Superheros in Entertainment

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More Black Superheros in Entertainment Door Mind Map: More Black Superheros in Entertainment

1. Marvel/ Disney

1.1. Mission Statement:The objective of Walt Disney is to lead in producing and providing entertainment for mass audiences.

2. DC

2.1. Mission Statement: The objective of DC Comics is to totally integrate and ebbed Dc into Warmer Bros. Entertainment and take a hand on roll to successfully develop film and television franchise.

3. Stan Lee

3.1. A prominent figure in Marvel. He is a comic book creator, television producer, author, editor and publisher. He created some of Marvels most loved superheros like The Fantastic Four, Spider Man, Doctor Strange and the X-Men.

4. Marvel Superheros

4.1. Black Panther

4.1.1. Nike Fury

4.2. Luke Cage

4.2.1. Doctor Vodo

4.3. War Machine

4.3.1. Miles Morales

4.4. Blade

4.4.1. Ironheart Isaiah Bradley

4.5. Storm

4.5.1. Spectrum

4.6. Falcon

4.6.1. Bishop

4.7. Moon Girl

4.7.1. Misty Knight

5. DC Superheros

5.1. Static Shock

5.1.1. Black Lighting Fire Storm

5.2. Bat Wing

5.2.1. Thunder Bumble Bee

5.3. Icon

5.3.1. Lighting Cyborg

5.4. Malcolm Duncan

5.4.1. Mr. Terrific

5.5. Hot Spot

5.5.1. Cloak Rocket

5.6. Steel

5.6.1. Kid Flash Aqua Lad

5.7. Vixen

5.7.1. John Stewart

6. Black writers and producers

6.1. Ryan Coogler: Writer and producer. He is best know for Creed in 2015, Fruitvale Station in 2013, Black Panther in 2018 and Creed 2 in 2018.

6.2. Courtney Kemp Agboh: Writer and producer. She is best known for Stars series Power, MyMDY's The Good Wife and My Own Worst Enemy.

6.3. Shonda Lynn Rhimes: Television producer, screenwriter and author. She is best known for her work on Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal.

6.4. Ava DuVernay: Film director, producer, screenwriter, film maker, and film director: Best known for Selma, A Wrinkle in Time, and Queen Sugar

7. More black superheros and the impact on the black community

7.1. More positive roll models for black young man and women.

7.2. Positive roll model: Having at least one black teacher in the 3rd , 4th, or 5th grade can reduce young black males likely hood of dropping out of high school by 39 percent.

7.3. Black superheros have a positive impact in society because they black children someone to look up to, giving them something positive to emulate. Seeing someone who looks like them uplifting fictional community can inspire that child to uplift their their real communities.

8. Without positive Black roll models

8.1. Less then half young black males graduate high school and college

8.2. In 2008 only 11% of black young black males graduate from college with a bachelor's degrees.

8.3. Only half of 4.6 million black males that went to college made it to graduation.

8.4. The U.S prison population is 61% black and Latino.

8.5. Young black males don't have many roles who look like them to look up to.

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