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Bilingualism Door Mind Map: Bilingualism

1. Threats

1.1. 1.) Difficult for people to support you

1.1.1. 2.) Kinderen weigeren om te luisteren. 3.) Problems at school -> bullying.

2. What is that?

2.1. Being bilingual can communicate almost perfectly in two languages and also know something about both cultures.

3. why encourage bilingualism?

3.1. If speaking their mother tongue or languages at home and at school is encouraged, they are more likely to enjoy their difference and regard the difference in general as something positive.

4. How do you raise a bilingual child?

4.1. There may be a dominant language and this will normally depend on the country you live in or the language that your child uses most in school. However, it will also depend on which language is spoken in the house.

5. International day of the mother tongue

5.1. 1st -> February 21 2000 in Bangladesh

5.1.1. In 1952 a handful of students, now known as language martyrs, were killed during demonstrations in defense of Bangla, their native language.

6. The multilingual community

6.1. By speaking other languages alongside yourself, or by having two or more native languages, you can contribute to creating a global community.

7. The themes

7.1. Every year the celebration is devoted to a different aspect of language. This varied from how children learn their reading skills at school, to preserving some of the 6,000 languages that exist worldwide.