Phylum Mollusca

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Phylum Mollusca Door Mind Map: Phylum Mollusca

1. Polyplacophora

1.1. They are like a roly-poly. They have multiple shells on their back.

1.2. They have a tongue like structure under then in which has teeth. They eat algae.

1.3. They move by flexing upward and downward.

2. Cephalopoda

2.1. They have a body on the top of them and a head in the middle with tentacles on the other side connected with the head

2.2. They pull prey in with their tentacles and bite and swallow them rapidly. They mainly prey on fish.

2.3. They move with a jet propulsion caused from their tentacles.

3. Bivalvia

3.1. It has a body that is shell and opens in the middle. It has a tongue like structure inside.

3.2. They such in water and eat whatever little organisms that are in the water.

3.3. They use a muscular foot to drag themselves around.

4. Gastropoda

4.1. Their body naturally grows a shell to protect itself.

4.2. They expose their digestive system out of their mouth to liquify it, then they pull it back in.

4.3. They move on their stomachs carrying a big shell with them.