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MindMeister Door Mind Map: MindMeister

1. Icons

1.1. You can add Icons

1.2. They can make it easier

1.3. See?

2. Borderline

2.1. To make it more colorful

2.2. and or less boring

2.3. And a Borderline

3. Videos

3.1. Have a video to help you?

3.2. Just add one in using it's URL

3.3. YouTube works as well

4. Goals

4.1. Make an easy mindmap

4.2. Make sure you know what your learning

4.3. Make clear what you're learning

5. You can also add relations

6. It can make connecting things more clear

7. Themes

7.1. Still think it looks boring?

7.2. Add a theme to give it another colour

7.3. There are some good ones to choose from

8. More?

8.1. Want some more points?

8.2. Click the + on the blue bar

8.3. Now you can add more of them

8.4. It may make it easier