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Building Door Mind Map: Building

1. What is it?

1.1. Building = Making with materials structures.

1.1.1. Materials Glass Metal Carbon Concrete Weaponized concrete Bio-concrete, living concrete Plastic Wood Steel wool Brick

1.1.2. People Surveyor Facility Managers Marketing/Leasing Agents Real Estate Debeloper Landscape Architect Engineers Concrator Interior Desginers

2. What are we doing with it?

2.1. Making houses, schools, hospitals, roads, workplaces, shops, ect. for humans.

3. Consequeses

3.1. Environmental effects

3.1.1. Nature Benefits We (possibly) provide safety for animals. More living space for animals. (That humans keep.) Negatives We are turning sea into acid. Polar caps melting. Less space for (wild) animals.