Pop art Movement

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Pop art Movement Door Mind Map: Pop art Movement

1. Who

1.1. Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

1.2. Richard Hamilton

1.3. Roy Lichtenstein

1.4. Andy Warhol

1.5. David Hockney

2. When

2.1. Popart began in the mid 1950s

3. How

3.1. Pop art arose from a rebellion against the existing style, abstract.

4. Where it emerged

4.1. England

5. Andy Warhold's art today

6. techniques

6.1. The collage technique

6.2. Gigantic structures

6.3. Drawing comics

7. Theme

7.1. Popular objects

7.2. Celebrites

7.3. everyday scenery

8. Difference between amercian popart and british popart

8.1. American Popart is mostly about reproducing and duplicating things.

8.2. British pop art is mostly about scenes.