Reasons for Conflict

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Reasons for Conflict Door Mind Map: Reasons for Conflict

1. Israel

1.1. Zionist Nationalism

1.1.1. Long term

1.1.2. Believed that they needed a place for themselves

2. Palestine

2.1. Rise of Arab Nationalism (Long Term)

2.1.1. Political First World War: Britain promised Arab warlords and national groups to support them if they aligned themselves with the British against the Ottomans BETRAYED Zionism as a perceived threat to their political rights

2.1.2. Social "Right" to Palestine Cultivation of Palestine for generations Clashing Identities Jewish cultures and values aligned with Europeans Clashing religions Claims over Palestine

2.1.3. Economic Jew's land purchases led to economic marginalization and dispossession of Palestinians Inequitable distribution of resources

3. Arab states

3.1. Due to the Discrimination of Jews??

3.1.1. Dreyfus Affair (1894)

3.1.2. Zionist Congress (1897)

3.1.3. WWII

3.2. Leaders' Political Ambitions

4. Superpower

4.1. British

4.1.1. They created the basis for the conflict (Long Term) McMahon - Hussein Correspondence (1915) Balfour Declaration (1917)

4.2. US

4.2.1. Support for Partition If they did not support, Soviets would gain political mileage Soviets would win influence of Zionists by US inaction

4.2.2. Truman's sympathy with the Jews

4.3. Soviet

4.3.1. Against an independent Jewish state