Origins of Middle East Conflict

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Origins of Middle East Conflict Door Mind Map: Origins of Middle East Conflict

1. T.E Lawrence: He was an Arab who was fighting for the British Army. He interviewed Turks and found where many of their bases were located. Later on he joined in the Great Arab Revolt and used guerrilla warfare to cut off the enemy's communication. In 1917 he attacked Aqaba, a very useful port to the Turks, and was successful in taking control of it.

2. Sykes-Picot Agreement: On May 19, 1916, a secret agreement was made by Britain and France. This agreement almost killed all Arabian nationalism, France gained most of Lebanon and the Syrian coast, and Britain gained control of Mesopotamia.

3. Jews

3.1. Zionism: The movement of Jews that support the reconstruction of Israel as a Jewish homeland.

4. Europeans

4.1. Balfour Declaration: This statement from Britain supported Zionist activities in Palestine. Britain had temporary control of Palestine after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Jews and Arab began to fight and many deaths occurred over these fights. However the Jewish population did increase over time.

4.2. Crimean War: In order for Russia to get to a warm weather-port, (more specifically, a peninsula in the Black Sea) Russia declared war on the Ottomans in 1853. Britain and France were very opposed to Russia gaining Ottoman land, so they joined the war supporting the Ottomans. The Russians were defeated, however they saw weaknesses in the Ottomans army, so they attacked and gained some of their land.

4.3. Ottoman Empire: One of the greatest empires to ever exist. They ruled so much land that it was hard to keep track of however. It became clear to enemies that their military was too weak to remain in control of all of it, so it began to be seized, mainly by Russia.

5. Arabs

6. Suez Canal: A canal that passed through the Isthmus of Suez. French money and Egyptian labor were the main contributions to the construction of it. After being unable to repay the French, Britain financially aided Egypt and eventually occupied it as well.

7. Arab Revolt: The people of Palestine started a revolution against the British for the end of Jewish immigration and for independence.