Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes

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Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes Door Mind Map: Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes

1. Charlie : shy , reserved , distracted :“She saw it before she felt it, tears falling on her paper placemat, and she hurriedly wiped her eyes, looking down, hoping no one had noticed. ”


2.1. Author's style

2.1.1. Omniscient ,“I just need a minute,” she said. John gave her a concerned look. “Are you sure you want to do this now?” He said softly, and she did not answer, just got out of the car, closing the door behind her.”

2.1.2. Scary , suspense.“She moved back farther, then her foot bumped against another wall, and she stopped. She was closed in on three sides; it almost felt safe. She closed her eyes for a moment. Nothing here is safe.” “ There was a scream from the direction of the office. The group paused for a minute and looked nervously at one another.”

2.1.3. Colloquial: “ “Oh, for goodness’ sake,” Jessica said grumpily, and Charlie blinked and sat up.” “ “One sec. JASON!” She shouted out the door. No one emerged. “JASON!”

2.2. Message= Be brave , live , love , help , fight.


3.1. I liked: Good characters , great plot twist , feeling of horror , realistic reactions , immersive moments.

3.2. I disliked: Simple ending , too short , unresolved parts , poor explanation

3.3. Must read , great horror , excellent book , fun lecture.


4.1. American video game designer , animator and writer , he is the creator of the Five Nights at Freddys's franchise. Born =United States , Salado , Texas

4.1.1. He was born in July 26 1971 , he is 46 years old.

4.1.2. Reinvented horror, great story , to be established.

4.1.3. His two books , games , great writer, complete story.

4.1.4. Only horror.

4.1.5. Five Nights at Freddy's The Twisted Ones.

4.2. Scott Cawthon


5.1. Animatronic bear=villain , dark forest=scary story , horrifying eyes=monster , bloody=murders

5.2. Strong colors , big letters , red dominates.

5.3. Publication= December 17 2015


6.1. The shining , Chair de Poule , Agatha Christie books.

6.2. , Wikipedia , forums.

6.3. Youtube , audiobook .


7.1. Horror , Monsters , Ghost.

7.2. John: Resourceful , handsome , clean , enthusiastic , brave : “The grubbiness of childhood had been replaced by something crisp and clean. He was wearing a neatly pressed, light green button-down shirt, the sleeves rolled up and the collar open, preventing him from looking too uptight, and he was leaned back confidently in the booth, nodding enthusiastically, apparently absorbed in whatever Jessica was saying.

7.2.1. Main characters : Charlie , John

7.3. Jessica : Confident , glossy , thin :“Even seated, she was clearly taller than either of the boys, and very thin. Though Charlie could not see her whole outfit, she was wearing a loose white shirt with an embroidered vest, and had a brimmed hat perched on her glossy, shoulder-length brown hair, an enormous flower threatening to tip it off her head. She was talking, gesturing excitedly about something as she spoke.” Carlton : Funny , talkative , red-headed , coward : “He still had a bit of a baby face, but his features had refined, and his hair was carefully tousled and held in place by some alchemical hair product. He was almost pretty, for a boy, and wore a black workout shirt, though she doubted he’d ever worked out a day in his life. He was slouched forward on the table, resting his chin in his hands.”

7.3.1. Secondary characters : Lamar , Cartlon , Marla , Jessica , Jason

7.4. Marla ; Joyful , fair-skin , brown blacked hair , happy: " When she has happy , line now , it was impossible to avoid the lift of joy" Jason: Young , short , wiry , dark hair. "A young boy came trotting up from the road."His hair was cut close to his head , and his arms and legs were streaked with dirt.' Lamar: thin , black , tall."He was tall , thin and black , his hair shaved close to his head , we looked a little bit more attractive and older than the rest of them'

7.5. United States , Utah , Hurricane. 1985

8. Plot

8.1. Exposition: Utah , town , meeting growing up=different ,murder ,house=memories , past,monster=robots , breaking in , restaurant , guard , animatronic=alive , built around it , hiding, remembering=truth.

8.2. Rising action:new people , ceremony=memorial ,yellow suit, Go back=problems ,fox=danger , bonnie=disappears , hook=deep cut , escape , left behind , monster , caught , begging , lies , scared , going away

8.3. Climax: guilty=murderer , saving , realizing , go alone , finding , hiding , kidnapping , fight , running , not safe , hurt , pushing=salvation , red eyes=death , reunited , evil=ghost , revenge , brave , not scared

8.4. Falling action : Family, brother ,knocked out,mask=mistake,Springlocks , scars , screams=pain , dragged=assasinated , sledgehammer , angry=important lost , old restaurant , psychopath

8.5. Resolution: safe , happy , new beginning , fathers grave , acceptance , closure , see you soon.