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Whether you’re new to mind mapping, or a seasoned pro, our premade mind map templates can help you plan business processes, make important decisions or improve your productivity. Browse some of our favorite templates now, or check out our community-generated mind maps for inspiration.


Getting Things Done

Get things done with this popular five-step method.

Decision Matrix

Compare the pros and cons by using a decision matrix.

SWOT Analysis

Analyze your organization’s internal decisions.



Capture and grow your ideas alone or with your team.

Project Planning

Organize your project visually, collaborate, then share.

Pros & Cons

Evaluate a decision quickly with our pros and cons map.

Note Taking

Cornell Method

Take more efficient notes with the Cornell Method mind map.

Basic Notes

Capture ideas and notes quickly and easily, then organize.

Meeting Minutes

Organize meetings with an agenda, attachments and notes.


Business Plan

Map out your business plan and budget. Update it easily.

Company Org Chart

Create a dynamic and shareable organizational chart.

Effort vs Impact Matrix

Make informed decisions with an Effort vs. Impact Matrix.


Lesson Plan

Plan your classroom lesson plan quickly and effectively, then share.

Essay Writing Checklist

Create a logical structure and outline for your next essay.

Exam Preparation

Collect and review important information for your exams.

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