Industry Landscape

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Industry Landscape por Mind Map: Industry Landscape

1. Individual

1.1. Go Squared - analytics with visitor tagging to help you dig deeper into one user’s visit.

1.2. Statcountr - one of the ORIGINAL web analytics tools available.

1.3. Heap - tracks your app users, clicks, form submissions, and anything else.

1.4. Hotjar - new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors.

1.5. Piwik - real-time open source app analytics tool.

1.6. Clicky - track visits and conversions, you can also track your video and audio analytics.

1.7. Kissmetrics - real-time standard cohort analysis tool.

1.8. Opentracker - real time reporting, geo-location user tracking.

1.9. Woopra - track where your users are coming from.

1.10. IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

1.11. SAP Hybris

1.12. Foxmetrics - analytics to track your user’s actions and activities.

1.13. Clicktale - record and watch exactly how a visitor used your website.

1.14. Mixpanel - fully featured mobile analytics platform with segmentation and push.

2. General Analytics Platform

2.1. Aggregate

2.1.1. Indicative - Web & mobile analytics tool.

2.1.2. comScore Digital Business Analytics

2.1.3. Adobe Digital Analytics - standard analytics tools plus some that large organizations can use.

2.1.4. Snow Plow - analytics tool for web apps with a lot of data.

2.1.5. Going Up - manage SEO analytics and web app analytics with one tool.

2.1.6. Mint - elf-hosted analytics solution.

2.1.7. AT Internet

2.1.8. Sitespect - full-suite web app analytics tool including A/B testing.

2.1.9. Open Web Analytics - open source web app analytics tool.

2.1.10. Gauges - real-time web analytics tool.

2.1.11. IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

2.1.12. SAP Hybris

2.1.13. Chartbeat - beautiful, real-time app analytics tool for web apps.

2.1.14. Clicktale - record and watch exactly how a visitor used your website.

2.1.15. Google Analytics - de facto standard for analytics in the web analytics space.

3. Mobile analytics

3.1. Upsight - mobile app analytics tool for developers.

3.2. Appsflyer - all-in-one marketing tool with analytics.

3.3. Amazon Mobile Analytics - Amazons multi-platform, basic mobile analytics tool.

3.4. Tapstream - user lifecycle analytics.

3.5. Honeytracks - mobile app analytics for games.

3.6. Apsalar - analytics tool for larger app shops.

3.7. Roambi(SAP) - 3-in-1 analytics tool that helps you track analytics, handle mobile app business intelligence, and app reporting.

3.8. Appcelerator - entire mobile app marketing suite.

3.9. Flurry - pretty much the “industry standard” for mobile app analytics.

3.10. - open-source mobile app analytics tool.

3.11. Playtomatic - mobile app open source analytics tool for games.

3.12. Amplitude - real-time mobile analytics with all data provided in redshift.

3.13. Appsee - mobile app analytics platform automatically tracks all users' interactions in your app

3.14. Mixpanel - fully featured mobile analytics platform with segmentation and push.

3.15. Localytics - fast and beautiful real-time mobile analytics platform with in-app and push.

3.16. GameAnalytics - leading game analytics platform.

3.17. Tune - Transform Your Mobile and Performance Marketing Into Sustainable Revenue Growth

4. Marketing Campaign Tracking&Analytics

4.1. Clickmeter - analytics tool that helps you track marketing campaigns.

4.2. HasOffers Mobile app tracking - attribution analytics platform.

4.3. Adjust - open-source SDK with sophisticated analysis and campaign tracking.

5. Social media analytics

5.1. Klout - Social media analytics and planning platform.

5.2. Falconsocial - communications platform built on social media with analytics.

5.3. Quintly - web-based tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance.

5.4. Kred - Klout-like social media analytics platform.

5.5. Buffer - Social media publishing and analytics platform.

5.6. Topsy - Social analytics tool with search.

5.7. SocialBlade - premiere YouTube statistics tracking.

5.8. SocialBench - Social media analytics platform.

5.9. Hootsuite - Social media management dashbaord.

5.10. Brandwatch - Social media monitoring and analytics.

5.11. Sproutsocial - Social media management and analytics platform.

6. Heatmap analytics

6.1. Crazyegg - a heatmaps only analtyics tool.

6.2. Inspeclet - another web app heatmaps tool.

6.3. Session Cam - heatmaps analytics tool.

7. Customer Data Platform

7.1. Tealium

7.2. BlueVenn

7.3. Treasure Data

7.4. Listrak

7.5. Zaius - The B2C CRM

8. Customer Success Software

8.1. Gainsight

8.2. ChurnZero

8.3. Totango