Fly Your New Bearhawk Patrol

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Fly Your New Bearhawk Patrol por Mind Map: Fly Your New Bearhawk Patrol

1. Develop a Flight Test Plan

1.1. FAA/DAR Inspection

1.1.1. Fuel Flow Test

1.1.2. Determine Empty Weight and Balance Final Assembly Cover flaps and ailerons Install Main Landing Gear Fabricate Cowling Install Engine Baffles Install Tailwheel (Round Spring) Upholster Seats Install Seatbelts Fabricate Floorboards Cabin ventilation Install Doors Cargo Door Seat Adjustment Mechanism and Mounting Skylight Create fiberglass windshield lower fairing Cover Fuselage

1.1.3. First Engine Start Prime Oil System

2. Prerequisites

2.1. About the Kit Builder Manuals

2.2. Kit Builder Support

2.3. Workshop Setup

2.4. Types of Threads

2.5. General Nicopress

2.6. General Plumbing

2.7. General Drilling

2.8. General Aluminum

2.9. General Riveting

2.10. General Steel Handling

2.11. Welding for the Kit Builder

2.12. General Fiberglass

2.13. How to Install Nutplates