Low employee engagement survey score

Mind mapping for Low employee engagement survey score

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Low employee engagement survey score por Mind Map: Low employee engagement survey score

1. Compensation and benefits

1.1. Less overtime to sustain individual financial

1.1.1. Overtime is based on operations needs and for long term sustainability for company business

1.2. Salary inequalities among others

1.2.1. Salary offering was done by recruitment agency and HR , direct manager was not aware on the amount

1.3. Salary hit ceiling in current grade

1.3.1. During start up phase , experienced employees was recruited at a premium salary but when tagged to position , salary already hit ceiling

2. Management

2.1. Company direction goals keep changing

2.2. Priorities keep on changing

2.2.1. Global supply chain demand fluctuation , need more emphasis on communication to employees

3. Career progression

3.1. No external training provided

3.2. Career progression structure not in placed

3.2.1. Promotion structure set up and communicated to all

3.3. No opportunities to do improvement project

3.3.1. Improvement project can be in any form and needs individual to suggest , lead and implement.

3.4. No cross training for senior

3.4.1. Individual development plan on cross training to be set up

4. Communcation

4.1. No update after feedback is provided

4.1.1. Timely update to employee and keeping them in the loop for feedback

4.2. Language Barrier

4.3. Supervisor does not have time to talk to employees

4.3.1. Set up Supervisor interview session with employee weekly

4.4. Employees does not understand instruction from supervisor

4.4.1. Back briefing after brief

5. Shopfloor culture

5.1. Dis-enagaged employees

6. Team building

6.1. Lack of team building activities

6.2. No team work in interdepartment

7. Others

7.1. Employee does not know who is the survey target. The direct supervisor or the company as a whole.

7.2. Employee does not understand the survey question

7.2.1. Simplify survey question and provide example