We're Going on a Bear Hunt

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt por Mind Map: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

1. Sensory

1.1. Bear Hunt Tray

1.2. Hibernation Sensory Bin

1.3. Investigating Different Habitats

1.4. Bear Hunt Tub

1.5. Sensory Bin

2. Storytelling

2.1. We're Going on a Bear Hunt

2.2. Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See

2.3. Goldilocks and the Tree Bears

2.4. Peppa Pig Nature Trail

2.5. Hibernation Station

2.6. Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See

3. Circle Time

3.1. Investigating Bear Teeth

3.2. Discovering the Bear's Habitat

3.3. What do we take on a bear hunt?

3.4. Why do bees hibernate?

3.5. How fast can you run bear?

4. Cooking

4.1. Rice Cake Bear Face

4.2. Sandwich Bear Footprint

4.3. Bear Puppet Snack

5. Outdoor

5.1. Relay Bear Balance

5.2. Bear Hunt Trail

5.3. We're going on a Bear Hunt Dice Activity

5.4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

6. Literacy

6.1. Sequencing Strips for " We're Going on a Bear Hunt"

6.2. Role Play: Retelling the story

6.3. Storytelling: Reading The Story and Discovering the Story Sack

6.4. Show and Tell: Drawing What Comes Next in the Story:

6.5. Identifying the Letter 'B'

6.6. Sequences: What Comes Next

7. Creative

7.1. Creating a Bear Mask

7.2. Creating a Bear Footprint

7.3. What does a Bear Look Like: Drawing

7.4. Creating a bear using different textures

7.5. Creating our own binoculars

7.6. Making salt dough teeth

8. Science

8.1. The Size of a Bear Foot

8.2. How Much Does a Bear Eat

8.3. Investigating the Different Textures of a Bear

8.4. Investigating Bear Teeth