Cyberbullying By: Emily Mingle

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Cyberbullying By: Emily Mingle por Mind Map: Cyberbullying By: Emily Mingle

1. Definition

1.1. What Is Cyberbullying

1.2. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using some form of technology. This is by using cellphones, computers or tablets, and other devices.

1.3. Cyberbullying mostly takes place on social media. For example, on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

2. Consequences

2.1. If you are found guilty of cyberbulling, it is likely that you will face time in jail and will be fined. If you are still in school, you will most likely be expelled. You should not bully or threaten anyone on the internet.

2.2. The other consequence to cyberbullying is, whatever you post online, will never go away. Even if you delete something, it's never truly gone.

3. Prevention

3.1. One way you can prevent cyberbullying is through monitoring the internet and social media. This also gives you the ability to save any evidence of cyberbullying. If your child has social media, you should follow their profile and check it daily to make sure they are not posting anything they shouldn't be and making sure no one else is posting anything negative about your child.

3.2. 7 Ways To Prevent Cyberbullying

3.3. Another way to prevent cyberbullying is simply through talking. It is important to educate our children about what cyberbullying is, what the consequences are, and why we should not bully or threaten someone on the internet.

4. Responses to Cyberbullying

4.1. It is essential that teachers respond to cyberbullying, especially if it is happening within their classroom. One way you can respond is through contacting the principle and police if you witness cyberbullying or have evidence. You should not let the cyberbullying go unnoticed.

4.2. Another way to respond to cyberbullying is by communicating with parents. You need to communicate that cyberbullying will not be tolerated and that they need to watch out for signs of cyberbullying.

5. Lesson Ideas

5.1. A lesson idea I have is to read a book/story (I will create) about what cyberbullying is to my students in the beginning of the year while going over my expectations about use of technology in my classroom. The story I create will include a boy who is posting mean messages online about his "friend". We will go over why we should not bully, and why we should not cyberbully after I read my story.

5.2. For another lesson, once again I will explain to my students what cyberbullying is and why we shouldn't cyberbully. Then I will show them videos to further explain cyberbullying and how it can hurt our friends.

5.2.1. This is an example of a type of video I will use: Protect Yourself Rules - Cyber Bullying